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Pastor Keion Henderson is a well-known American pastor, motivational speaker, social media influencer, author, singer, artist, and business owner from Gary, Indiana. As the senior pastor and speaker at Houston’s The Lighthouse Church & Ministries, Keion is well-known all over the country.

Keion Henderson has been the senior pastor at The Lighthouse Church since October 2009, according to the source. Since January 2008, he has also been the CEO of Tax Solutions. I’m sure you know that Pastor Henderson is known for his inspiring sermons and talks.

He is on all social media sites and posts his daily sermons for everyone to see. According to his social media, Henderson also wrote a book called “The Shift: Courageously Moving from Season to Season.”

Pastor Keion made the news in July 2021 when his name was linked to the executive producer of Basketball Wives, Shaunie O’Neal. He has also worked at The New Horizon Baptist Church as a deacon. Find out more about Pastor Keion Henderson’s Wiki, age, wife, children, biography, height, weight, parents, family, affairs, net worth, house, income, and trivia.

Pastor Keion Henderson Age & Birthday

Keion Henderson was born to his parents on July 6, 1981, in Gary, Indiana, United States. He is the senior pastor of The Lighthouse Church. Keion is a Christian who follows Jesus Christ with all his heart.

The date of Pastor Keion Henderson’s birth shows that he is 40 years old (as of 2021). Henderson’s birthday is July 6, and he has a party every year. According to his social media accounts, Keion Henderson will turn 40 on July 11, 2021, at The Lighthouse Church & Ministries.

He is a person with many skills. Since he was a child, Keion has been very interested in sermons. He grew up in the Indiana cities of Gary, East Chicago, and Fort Wayne. Sources say that in 2009, he moved to Houston. He is living a happy life with his family in Houston right now. He is now a well-known author and speaker on how to get things done.

Pastor Keion Henderson’s Marriage and Wife

Who is the wife of Pastor Keion Henderson? In terms of his personal life, Keion Henderson is the ex-husband of the TV star Felicia Henderson. Sources say that Felecia is well-known because she was on the TV show Closet Chats.

The actor Keion Henderson married his first wife, Felecia Henderson, on August 7, 2010, according to news reports. On July 18, 2012, a beautiful girl named Katelyn was born to Keion Henderson. From Felecia’s previous relationships, Pastor Keion Henderson has two stepdaughters: Tynisha Marcel (born July 20, 1995) and Candis Clements (born December 23, 2005). Reports say that the marriage between Keion Henderson and Felecia Henderson didn’t last long. The couple got a divorce in 2019 for their own reasons.

In July 2021, Keion Henderson’s name was linked to the American TV star Shaunie O’Neal. Keion and Shaunie have been friends for a while. Sources say that Shaunie also celebrated Pastor Keion Henderson’s 40th birthday with him. Keion replied, “I will accept all of the congratulations, but yours, @shaunieoneal5, is the one I will keep forever.” Thank you for making my 40th birthday one to remember!”


Sources say that Keion Henderson began to listen to sermons when he was young. He went to the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church, where Dr. Cato Brooks Jr.’s sermons had a big impact on him.

In 1995, Keion Henderson gave his first sermon at the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church. It was called “Faith: Where is Yours?” Later, he became the pastor of the New Horizon Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and spoke there. Pastor Keion Henderson builds a church with more than 600 members in just five years at New Horizon Baptist Church. He is known for giving speeches that move and inspire people.

Sources say that in January 2008, Pastor Keion Henderson became CEO of Tax Solutions. She is also worried about him being a pastor.


Keion’s LinkedIn page says that he graduated from East Chicago’s Central High School in 1999. After that, he went to Fort Wayne, Indiana, to start at Indiana University-Purdue University.

In 2004, Keion got his bachelor’s degree from this university in Interpersonal Communication. Later, he went to Gary, Indiana, and spent some time at the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church.

In 2006, Keion Henderson went to Faith Evangelical College & Seminary and got a master’s degree in theology. Henderson then went to work for a company called Tax Solution. In addition to this, he started preaching in churches.

Reports say that Pastor Keion Henderson comes from a mix of African-American and other backgrounds. He was born into a family with a lot of money. Pastor Keion was born in the Cancer zodiac sign. As a follower of Jesus, Keion began to listen to sermons when he was young.

As we looked through his Instagram profile, we saw that he had shared photos with his family. Sources say that Gwen Scott is the name of his mother.

He doesn’t say anything, though, about who his father is. Jarvis Wright, Portia Chandler, Keionna MsKee Singleton, Ebony Dennard MMethodius-Ngwodo, and Danyelle Brumley are some of Keion Henderson’s siblings.

Keion Henderson is also worried about his career. He likes to spend time with his friends and family. Keion also told his siblings and family about his childhood on social media.

How much money Pastor Keion Henderson has in 2022

How much money does Pastor Keion Henderson have? Sources say that Keion Henderson lives with his family in Houston, Texas. Pastor Keion Henderson has a good living because of what he does for a living.

Aside from that, he posts his sermons and speeches on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites.

As of 2022, it is thought that Pastor Keion Henderson has a net worth of $7 million. (approx.). Reports say that Pastor Keion Henderson was also given the “Great Man of the Year” award.


  • Keion Henderson is a well-known pastor in the United States. He has won many awards and honors, such as Top Fifty Educators and Great Man of the Year.
  • Reports say that Keion Henderson also wrote a book called “The Christ Compass,” which is a religious guide.
  • He has also been on the front cover of more than one magazine.
  • As of 2021, it is thought that Pastor Keion Henderson’s net worth is between $6 and $9 million USD.

Questions People Usually Ask

How much money does Keion Henderson have?

About $8 million is what Keoin Henderson is thought to be worth.

How much does Keion Henderson make a year?

Various sources say that in 2022, he will make $500,000 a year. He makes most of his money from his jobs as a Pastor and CEO of “Tax Solutions,” as well as from brand promotions and collaborations. He also makes a good amount of money from his social media accounts, like his YouTube channels and Instagram page.

How does Keion Henderson make money?

Keoin is an American Pastor, a motivational speaker, an author, a singer, a social media influencer, and a business owner.

What’s Keion Henderson’s age?

Henderson was born on July 6, 1981, and is 41 years old right now.

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