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Kelly Mi Li is a Chinese-American actress, business owner, and film producer. She is well known for her work on the Netflix show Bling Empire, which she also stars in. Kelly has been on the boards of many non-profit groups, such as Well Child and UNICEF CCI.

Kelly Mi Li was born in Kunming, China, but she moved to Chicago when her mother got a job at the University of Illinois. Mi Li’s mother raised her alone in the United States, trying to give her a better life. When Mi Li was 18, she went to work in New York for a life insurance company. After that, she moved to Los Angeles and worked in the food and drink business and in real estate development. She eventually got into tech investing after a string of successes in the field, such as turning Jim Morrison’s old house into an exclusive speakeasy.

She is Asian, and her family comes from China. She was born under the Scorpio star sign.

Kelly Mi Li Age & Birth

On November 13, 1985, Kelly Mi Li was born. Kelly Mi Li is 37 years old, which is written in the Kelly Mi Li Biography table. Kelly Mi Li was born in the Chinese city of Kunming.

How tall and heavy is Kelly Mi Li?

People who don’t know how tall Kelly Mi Li is can check this section. Kelly Mi Li is 168 cm tall and weighs 52 kg, according to legit.

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth

Kelly Mi Li is so popular and has done so well. If you are looking for information about Kelly Mi Li’s net worth, here it is. As per legit Kelly Mi Li’s net worth is estimated at $5 Million.

Partner or Husband of Kelly Mi Li

Is the film producer and entrepreneur Kelly Mi Li married, or who is Kelly Mi Li’s boyfriend? Her fans are very much eager to know about her personal life. Well, the latest news is that Kelly Mi Li and her boyfriend are having their first child. She hasn’t said who he is, though.

Childhood and Parents

In Kunming, China, Kelly Mi Li (age 36 years) was born on November 13, 1985, in the house of her Asian parents. Through an Instagram post, Li revealed her mother’s sacrifices for her. She said she owes everything to her mom and grandma. Mi also said that her mother gave up her high-ranking job as a doctor in China so that Kelly could have more chances in the future.

Kelly went to a local school in China. She used to be a good student who always got good grades. She got her Bachelor’s degree after school, and then she started looking for ways to grow as a person.

Ex-husband and Fraud with Money

She met a man named Lin Miao when she was in her 20s. Since they both liked each other, they got married. Kelly Mi Li’s husband and his friends were running a scam on the internet. Lin and his friends set up websites that tricked people into giving them their phone numbers so they could charge them for services. Every month, clients were charged $9.99, and the costs were often hidden behind a complicated form.

The couple used to have four homes and seven high-end cars. Also, they used to travel a lot. Li said on “Bling Empire” that she and her husband spent more than $400,000 per month. But later, the FBI found out about the fraud, and Kelly’s life partner was arrested.

According to the FBI’s reports, the Chinese conspirator amassed more than $50 million through frauds. Kelly’s life was like heaven, but it all fell apart. All of Miao’s property was taken away, and he had to pay $168 million to the government.

The discovery of the scam led to tension in the relationship between Li and Lin, which led to their divorce. After ending their relationship with Miao, Mi, her mother, and her grandmother moved to the United States to start over.

Andrew Gray’s job and their relationship

When Mi moved to the United States, she put her money into two businesses: Skinny Bikini Swimwear and Be Great Partners. Since she and her friends started those businesses more than ten years ago, they are doing very well. She also tried her hand at the entertainment business by making a few movies. Her life got back on track, and in 2016 she met the actor Andrew Gray, who played the Power Ranger Zordon.

They met through a friend they already knew, and they became friends quickly. They were one of Hollywood’s most attractive Asian couples. After dating for 5 years, they broke up on their own terms and posted about it on their social media accounts. They also asked fans to help by staying out of their business and respecting their choice.

Kelly put money into her most important project, “Bling Empire,” in 2021. This show made her famous and changed the course of her life. After the BE, she went on to be on a lot of other shows, such as “Celebrity Family Feud,” “The Netflix Afterparty,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and “Cypher.”

Information and facts

  • She was born in China, and then her mother brought her to the United States.
  • Scorpio is her birth sign.
  • On January 15, 2020, Kelly Mi Li posted a picture to her Instagram account that showed her mother had quit a high-profile medical job in China and moved to the U.S. For everything her mom and grandma did for her, they got a whole post.
  • She also started a company to sell merchandise in 2015.
  • Kelly has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including UNICEF CCI and Prince Harry’s Well Child. He is known for his commitment to helping others.
  • When her Netflix show “Bling Empire” came out, she became well-known.


In 2022, who is Kelly Mi Li dating?

Her boyfriend, who lives in San Francisco, is going out with Kelly Mi Li.

Kelly Mi Li is how old?

The age of Kelly Mi Li is 37.

What is Kelly Mi Li’s height?

Kelly Mi Li’s height is 168 cm.

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