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Kelly Yazdi is an American actress who has gotten a lot of attention for her graceful roles as different supermodels in “Herb Ritts: L.A. Style,” a J.P. Getty Museum documentary that has been called a “masterpiece” around the world.

Kelly has been in many big movies, such as The Martial Arts Kid, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch Challenge, The Beautiful Ones, and more.

Kelly Yazdi Age & Birthday

Kelly Yazdi is a gorgeous model and actress who is 31 years old. The actress is from Minnesota, which is where she learned to ride horses, dirtbikes, and snowmobiles. It is also where she fell in love with the outdoors and power sports.

Kelly Yazdi Height & Weight

It Model Management says that Kelly Yazdi is 5’10” tall. Her size is 34″B, 26″, and 36″. Her dress size is 4, her shoe size is 10, her hair is brown, and her eyes are brown, too.

Kelly Yazdi Family

There isn’t much known about Kelly Yazdi’s family, but some of her relatives are Michael Yazdi from Scottsdale, Arizona, Fahimeh Yazdi from San Diego, California, and Fatehmeh Rohamnia, among others.

Kelly Yazdi’s Profession

Kelly is the CEO of Ride Wild. She also works as an actress and model. On her LinkedIn page, she said that she had been in that role since 2017.

She was born to explore, plan events, be an actress, do stunts, and be a model. Kelly became obsessed with speed when she was a young girl living in a rural part of Minnesota and riding horses, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles.

During her childhood, she spent a lot of time in nature, went off-roading with friends, and tried anything that would let her go faster and farther than on her own two feet. Kelly started riding motorcycles when she was 18. She wanted to inspire women and show them how to live with passion.

Kelly started the Ride Wild platform so that female Powersports riders could find a sense of tribe, adventure, and purpose that they could share. Ride Wild’s original goals were to change how people thought about women in Powersports and to bring more attention to the drive, diversity, and spirit of women in motorsports.

Ride Wild works with a lot of women’s riding groups (Biker Belles, The Litas, Iron Lilies, etc.), adventure outfitters, and businesses that want to help the riding community grow.

Kelly is also a good public speaker and brand representative, in part because she has been in front of the camera for so long. People may have seen Kelly in hit TV shows like “Hawaii Five-O” or “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch Challenge.” She has also acted in movies like “The Martial Arts Kid” and the J.P.Getty Museum’s documentary “Herb Ritts: L.A. Style.”

She went to UC Santa Barbara for college and studied International Relations and Affairs.

Kelly Yazdi Net Worth

In the year 2022, Kelly Yazdi has a total net worth of $700,000.

Kelly Yazdi in 10 Facts:

Kelly Yazdi was born in Minnesota on January 25, 1991, as Kelly Mare Yazdi. As of 2020, she is 29 years old and 5 feet 6 inches tall.
Yazdi is beautiful, brave, and different, which she got from having half Scandinavian and half Iranian ancestors.
Kelly was born and raised in Minnesota. When she was a teenager, she moved to Los Angeles to continue her education.
Kelly went to the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), where she got her Bachelor of Arts degree and trained in acting and performing arts at the advanced level.
Yazdi loves adventure and motorbikes. After she graduated from college and moved to Los Angeles, her love of bikes helped her get jobs in acting, modeling, stunts, and business.
Kelly is also the person who started Wild Gypsy Tour. She grew up riding quads and dirt bikes and got her motorcycle license on her 18th birthday.
Kelly, an Iranian-American beauty, started Wild Gypsy Tour in 2017 as a motorcycle festival for women only. In 2020, it will be its fourth season.
Kelly often posts about her Gypsy Tour, bike trips, and photo shoots on Instagram, which has helped her gain over 16,600 followers.
Yazdi is known for keeping quiet on social media and in public, so it’s unlikely that her fans will know much about her family, boyfriend, or siblings.
Even though Kelly is well-known in the entertainment industry, she is not yet on Wikipedia.


What race is Kelly Yazdi?

Kelly Yazdi’s ethnic background is half Iranian and half Scandinavian.

From what place is Kelly Yazdi?

Kelly Yazdi spent most of her childhood in Minnesota. She lives in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, for the time being. She has also lived in California’s Los Angeles.

Is Kelly Yazdi On Instagram?

Yes, Kelly Yazdi is on Instagram (@kellyyazdi).

When Does Kelly Yazdi Turn One?

On January 30, Kelly Yazdi’s birthday,

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