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Kimberly Sustad is a well-known name in the Canadian entertainment industry. She has been in a number of movies and television programs. She is well recognized for her performances as Vivian Patterson in A Bride for Christmas, Marilee in Spooksville, and Marilee in The Nine Lives of Christmas.

Kimberly Sustad began her career in Broadway and stage productions before appearing in films.

Here is a thorough account of Kimberley Sustad’s life, including her age, spouse, career, and net worth.

Kimberly Sustad Age & Birth

Age is undoubtedly a component in determining one’s youth and maturity, therefore you could also question how old Kimberly Sustad is. We may have seen a few younger iterations of Kimberly Sustad, but time heals all wounds. You may be curious about Kimberly Sustad’s age or you may have made a guess as to her age. But let’s wait and see if your estimation matches Kimberly Sustad’s age in 2022. As of 2022, Kimberly Sustad will be 34 years old. When we have more information about Kimberly Sustad, we’ll update this page.

Net Worth of Kimberley Sustad

In 2022, according to statistics we gathered from a few reputable websites, Kimberly Sustad will have a net worth of $1 million. Her net worth may change over time; if we see a decrease or gain in the projected numbers, we’ll update this page immediately. We also think Kimberly Sustad might have selected investing strategies that would have doubled his returns and increased his net worth.

Height of Kimberley Sustad

As a result of his enormous renown and reputation, which made Kimberly Sustad the subject of numerous headlines, he has attained a respectable height. You might be curious about Kimberly Sustad’s actual height in feet and meters after seeing her name rise to such a respectable height. So, if you’re wondering what Kimberly Sustad’s height will be in 2022, here it is. Sustad stands at a height of 1.77 meters or 5 feet 10 inches. If information on Kimberly Sustad’s height changes over time, we’ll make sure to update this page.

Weight, Kimberly Sustad

Despite the fact that Kimberly Sustad’s name is repeated at various points and that she is well-known, few people are aware of her weight. Before looking it up online, you might have made an estimation based on Kimberly Sustad’s appearance. If you’re curious about Kimberly Sustad’s weight, as of 2022, she weighs 57 kg. So, we’ll be sure to update this page if we learn of any developments involving Kimberly Sustad’s weight.

Kimberley Sustad’s Personal and Family Life

Kimberley was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. Little is known about her early life and childhood. She graduated from Trinity Western University with a bachelor’s degree in acting.
Kimberley Sustad is married to Scot Sustad, a Canadian entrepreneur and community organizer who also founded and serves as CEO of “The Arrival Store” and the Vancouver-based website development company “Digital Hot Sauce.”

While they were both students at Trinity Western, they began dating. They subsequently got married in 2004. The twin girls of Kimberley and Scot were born in 2017. The couple also has a third daughter.
Their impending divorce has long been the subject of rumors. The rumors, however, later turned out to be unfounded, and the couple now seems happy in their relationship.

According to speculations, Kimberley and Scot could not even be legally wed.
In one of her interviews, Kimberley revealed that after wrapping up “The Nine Lives of Christmas,” she took a hiatus to look after her newborn and took on little roles. She soon fell pregnant again, though.

What nation is Kimberley Sustad a native of?

She is an actress from Canada. She was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and still resides there. Her parents are Graham Starmer and Sylvia Starmer. Her sibling exists. As a young girl, the actress had a strong interest in acting and theater. She participated in school plays.

Spouse of Kimberley Sustad

The actor’s husband is Scot Sustad. The two originally met at Trinity Western University. They were together for many years before to getting married. Scot is a businessman and a resident advocate. He began operating The Arrival Store. He also serves as the CEO of the business that builds websites, Digital Hot Sauce.

FAQs for Kimberly Sustad on Wikipedia

1. How old is Kimberly Sustad?

By 2022, Kimberly Sustad will be 34 years old.

2. What race is Kimberly Sustad?

Scot Sustad and I are both Caucasian.

3. Who is the husband of Kimberly Sustad?

Scot Sustad is her husband.

4. How much money is Kimberly Sustad worth?

In 2022, her net worth was $1 million.

5. Which kids are Kimberly Sustad’s?

Vienna and Ari Sustad are children of Kimberly Sustad.

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