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The “Drummond Land and Cattle Company” is owned by Oklahoma rancher Ladd Drummond. Along with his father and brother, he shares ownership of the estate. In Osage County, Oklahoma, Ladd is a fourth-generation owner and operator of the “Drummond Ranch.” One of the biggest ranch properties in the US is theirs. Ronald Thacker Drummond, his great-great-grandfather, immigrated from Scotland and was a well-known merchant at the time. His biggest investments, nevertheless, were in South African diamonds. Ree Drummond, a.k.a. “The Pioneer Woman,” is married to Ladd. She is a well-known blogger who uses her blogs to show off the Drummond family’s ranch life. They have two boys and two daughters, totaling four kids.

Ladd Drummond Age

Ladd Drummond was born on January 22, 1969, which means he will be 52 years old in 2021. Together with their adult children, Ladd and his wife are enjoying their lives at their expansive ranch.

Birth and childhood

Chuck Drummond and Nan Olsen welcomed Ladd into the world on January 22, 1969, in Nebraska, a US state in the Midwest. Together with his brothers Todd and Tim, he grew up. Till Ladd’s father finished his schooling, the Drummond family resided in Oklahoma. The family then relocated back to the property.

Ladd was raised in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and went to Pawhuska High School there. He afterwards attended “Arizona State University.”

Ladd was introduced to the ranch way of life at a young age. At the ranch, he was often assigned jobs that he would begin before dawn. Additionally, Ladd developed his skills in physical work, using equipment, and running vehicles.

Todd, Ladd’s oldest brother, tragically perished in an automobile accident.


Ladd’s ancestors left him the sizable Drummond estate in Oklahoma. He now shares ownership of the 433 thousand-acre “Drummond Ranch,” which spans. On this enormous tract of property, Ladd produces around 250 head of cattle and horses. He is a partner in the “Drummond Land and Cattle Company,” together with his father and brother Tim. Thatcher Drummond, his cousin, is a friend.

The 17th-largest landowner in the United States is the Drummond family. The “Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association” is something that Ladd and his family are very interested with. The Drummond family established the restaurant and shop known as “The Mercantile” in late 2016. The Drummonds purchased and refurbished a 100-year-old building in the heart of Pawhuska in 2012.

Despite all of his successes, several of Ladd’s other ranchers have often attacked his ranching methods.

Family Life

Anne Marie Smith and Ladd are wed. Ladd’s wife, Ree Drummond, is a popular author, blogger, photographer, and presenter of a cooking programme. The Drummond family’s existence at the ranch is described in detail in her blog, “The Pioneer Woman.” Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd are the names of the couple’s four children. Ladd and Ree have chosen to teach their boys at home. However, their daughters are both enrolled in colleges, Paige at the University of Arkansas and Alex at Texas A&M University.

On September 21, 1996, Ladd and Ree exchanged vows, and they spent their honeymoon in Australia. Ladd left his wedding reception to watch a football game between “Arizona State University” and “Nebraska,” which is an intriguing information about their wedding day. Ladd loves football and cheers for his alma school, the “Sun Devils.” As a wedding present, he gave his bride a diesel lawnmower.

Ree provides details of the Drummond family’s ranch life in her blogs. In all her books and blogs, she charmingly refers to Ladd as “the Marlboro Man.”

Ladd Drummond’s earnings

Ladd Drummond, Ree’s spouse, has an incredible net worth of $240 million as of 2021. The family-run property brings in $2.5 million a year. It has 433,000 acres of land in total. More than 20,000 cattle and horses live on the property.

In order to guarantee the safety of the wild creatures on their property, the US government paid the Drummonds $24 million over the last 10 years. Along with his wife Ree, Ladd has started a number of enterprises throughout the years. They operate many restaurants, a retail shop, and a bed & breakfast.

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