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Powerlifter, bodybuilder, strongman, wrestler, YouTuber, and social media influencer Larry Wheels is an American. He is well-known for holding the powerlifting world record. Here is his wiki, biography, and all the information you need about him.

USA’s Bronx is where Larry Wheels (Williams) was born and reared. Before becoming into one of the best powerlifters in the world, he lived his early years in abject poverty. He belongs to the American nationality and practices Christianity.

Larry Wheels Age

The social media celebrity was born on December 3rd, 1994 in the Bronx, New York, United States. Thus, as of 2018, Larry Wheels is 24 years old. The powerlifter’s single mother raised him (name not available). As a result, there is no online information regarding Larry’s father.

He is both an American citizen and a member of a multicultural ethnic group. Wheels was bullied a lot by the other kids when he was a kid. They mocked his physical attributes and looks. Later, he made getting the greatest physique his objective.

Larry began doing push-ups and pull-ups at home with the assistance of his mother. He obtained a respectable career while while completing his high school education. The powerlifter subsequently started working out every day at a facility close to his house.

The level of education attained by Larry Wheels

discussing Larry’s schooling. Since there were only two schools close to the island, one was a French language school and the other was for wealthy English children, he had already dropped out of school at a young age. Larry was unable to enroll in an English-speaking school since he could not speak French well. He was unable to finish his schooling as a result.

Larry Wheels Family

Both his mother’s name and his father’s name are unknown.

Larry spent the ages of 11 and 12 in foster care.

Larry made the decision to move out of the city when he was 12 and to live with his mother on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. He spent the next several years there, where he was able to find a house by the sea. He built a makeshift weightlifting station out of cinder blocks and a broom since he couldn’t afford to go to an English school. He began his training when he was 14 years old.

Relationships with Larry Wheels’ wife, spouse, and others

He is single and not married. Due to the fact that he keeps his dating life private, nothing is known about it.

Even though Larry has kept his personal life private, some information has come to light. In 2019, his ex-girlfriend Chelsea King accused him of physically and emotionally abusing her, which led to their breakup. She also uploaded a YouTube video about it.

Height, weight, and body measurements of Larry Wheels

Larry is very diligent and he has a really endearing personality. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall, 124 kg in weight, and extraordinarily powerful. He has remarkable physical features, gorgeous black hair, and dark brown eyes.


At age 14, he began weight training. In the beginning, Williams just had a broomstick and two cinder blocks—one at each end.

It continued in this way for a whole year. He seemed to be becoming stronger and more competent in the physical environments he inhabited. By the ninth grade, he had virtually quit school, so his only teachers were concrete, sticks, and a spinning wheel.

Williams wanted to join a gym when he was 15 but was prohibited from doing so. On Saint Martin, you had to be 16 to visit a gym. His mother, who struggles financially as a waitress, was likewise prepared for a change. They had been together for three years, but the Caribbean had never really been their home.

They went back to the Bronx together. Williams started working at a restaurant as soon as he joined the gym to help pay for his membership. After a year of weightlifting, he realized two things for sure: one, he was stronger than any mature guy in his gym, and second, he would continue to lift weights for the rest of his life.

He participated in his first RPS Powerlifting meet when he was 18 years old.

A participant who weighed 247 pounds won the 275-pound weight class. Since then, he has been winning and breaking records. In November 2017, he established a raw, combined world record of 2,275 pounds, which is almost two polar bears’ weight.

He participated in his first bodybuilding contest in 2018, which was held in California at the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic. He also triumphed in this contest.

Larry Wheels’s social media handles include

He has a sizable following on social media. He has a Facebook following of around 218K people and a following of 2.6M people on Instagram.

There are more than 1.88 million followers to his YouTube account.

Larry Wheels Net Worth

Have you ever questioned Larry Wheels’ true level of wealth? He has amassed a net worth of over $750,000 as of mid-2019, according to multiple reliable sources, mostly via the success of his business enterprises PR Lifestyle and the Training Wheels Program. He is also one of the most well-known fitness YouTubers, which means he makes a good amount of money from the commercials that are shown on his videos. We will undoubtedly see a growth in his net worth in the near future if he continues to compete in powerlifting events and develop his brand.

Some Uncommon Details About Larry Wheels

  • He was born into great poverty. He really spent some time in foster homes as well.
  • In addition, Larry constructed a simple weight set at home since he was unable to buy one.
  • He devised weight sets that include a broomstick and 40 lbs. of concrete blocks.
  • The height of Larry Wheels is 6 feet, 1 inch (185 in centimeters).
  • His physical weight is roughly 115 kilograms (255 pounds).
  • His Wiki page states that his biceps measure 18 inches.
  • Financial Factor: This powerlifter is said to have a net worth of $750,000 USD.

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