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Former CBS Sports executive LeslieAnne Wade is a well-known American figure, yet she has kept her second engagement a secret. Wade has experience as a sports marketing and management professional, with a concentration on public relations and strategic marketing. She married Gold Legend Tom Watson three months after they made their public engagement announcement in May 2022. Tom and Leslieanne were married in San Francisco, becoming husband and wife.

LeslieAnn Wade Age & Birth

LeslieAnne Wade, a graduate student at Saint Mary’s College, was born on August 20, 1964. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Communication. In her entire professional career, she has won three awards, including Distinguished American (given by the NJ Chapter of the National Football Foundation), Garden State Woman of the Year (given by Garden State Women in Business), and WISE Woman of Distinction (given by Women In Sports and Events, or WISE).

Bio of Leslieanne Wade

She is a management executive with experience in strategic marketing and public relations who specializes in sports marketing. Donna Grant is her mother, while Lawrence Graham is her father. There is no information available about her siblings. She is a married woman, and her spouse is Tom Watson.

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Individual Life

LeslieAnne Wade has shown that statistics like height, age, and weight are simply numbers by speaking through her experience and skill. She wed golf icon Tom Watson, a 39-time PGA champion, when she was 57 or 58 years old. Tom Watson is an eight-time major winner, while Leslie has long served as an executive for the CBS Sports Network. On May 7, the couple exchanged rings while visiting the University of Notre Dame, where Ms. Wade had traveled to attend a reunion of her college friends and old coworkers. The pair has not yet finalized their plans, but they have announced the date and are expected to wed on July 9 in New Jersey. Although they have given Golfweek their wedding date, they have chosen not to remark on the event.

The couple said that they had been friends for almost 15 years. He previously wed Hilary, who passed away in 2019 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Leslie, on the other hand, married Kevin Michael McGinn in 1999, and the two of them had three children who are now adults. Two of their children are males, Gavin and Ronan, and one is a female called Maggie. With her admired and flourishing career in golf, Ms. Wade has established a strong presence and gained respect. Tom Watson, a 50-year golf veteran who won 70 championships and twice served as Ryder Cup captain, announced his retirement from the sport in 2019.

Career of LeslieAnne Wade

After finishing her studies, Leslie started her professional life and hustling in 1994. She is now planning her second marriage with her fiancé Tom Watson. She received the role of Senior Vice President, Communication, at CBS Sports, where she obtained her first job. She dedicated her whole 16-year life to the role, from 1994 to 2010. She switched to a different work profile with Faldo Enterprises in business development from January 2010 until August 2018.

She has been employed with the American Athletic Conference as a communications strategist since June 2020. Despite this, she has held managing partner positions at Wade Media Management since January 2010, co-founded White Tee Partners in February 2021, and served as vice president of communications and public relations at 160over90 in February 2022. She is one of the group’s active participants who has traveled a vast career path. She has made great strides in telling the tale of her professional path to all of her coworkers and the new romantic partners in her life. She has worked in the fields of strategic media relations, media training, and influencer marketing.

LeslieAnne Wade Net Worth

LeslieAnne Wade is an engaged professional who has experience in three separate positions at several businesses. She has been working hard to sustain her 28-year career and is currently active in the industry in her four roles as managing partner, co-founder, and vice president of communications and public relations. She is undoubtedly making a decent living, with earnings ranging from $5 million to $10 million, thanks to significant agreements and her connections to several organizations.


  • Leslie-Anne likes taking her family on vacations to various locations.
  • She also worked with the American Athletic Conference as a communications strategist.
  • Her specialties include corporate communications, event planning, and marketing strategy.
  • Wade was selected the Garden State Woman of the Year by Garden State Women in Business.
  • She was recognized as a “Distinguished American” by the esteemed National Football Foundation NJ Chapter.
  • Tom Watson’s fiancee often attends parties and gatherings with her friends.
  • For CBS, she covered a wide range of events, such as the PGA Championship, Olympic
  • Winter Games, College Football’s Bowl Championship Series, and others.
  • Christmas is something Wade likes doing with her kids.

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