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Canadian-American Lisa Hochstein is well-known in a variety of fields, including the entertainment industry, activism, television, social media, business, and entrepreneurship. Lisa is very well-known because she is on The Real Housewives of Miami, a popular reality TV show. Lisa joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Miami in 2012, according to her IMDb page.

She is also a fashion model and an actress, among other things. Lisa is also well-known for being Lenny Hochstein’s wife (plastic surgeon). According to the news, Lenny and Lisa said they were breaking up. Reports say that Lenny Hochstein is dating Katharina Mazepa right now. To learn more about Lisa Hochstein, scroll down.

Lisa Hochstein Age & Birthday

Lisa’s parents brought her into the world in Toronto, Canada. She was born on July 24, 1982, a Saturday. Lisa is 39 years old, according to her date of birth (as of 2021). Lisa Marie McCallum is her real name. Lisa grew up in a Christian household.

We found out that she has a good education after looking at her social media profile. Lisa went to a private school in her area to learn the basics. Later, she signed up to go to college at the University of Miami. Lisa and her family are living in Miami at the moment.

Lisa Hochstein Husband

Lisa Hochstein was married to Leonard Hochstein in 2009. The couple has two kids: a 7-year-old boy named Logan and a 3-year-old girl named Elle. But at the moment, they are not together. She told Us in March: “A lot of people had a lot of questions about where we are in our marriage, and a lot of the problems were from so long ago, like eight years ago. So, they aren’t really problems in our lives right now, but I had to talk about them because people asked. And I signed up for a reality TV show,” she said. “It definitely opened up old wounds. I didn’t want to talk about it, but I knew that some people would bring it up because they knew about it. I didn’t want to be asked about it in a scene or in a group. I wanted to talk about it on my own terms.

In May, he told Us in a statement, “Lisa and I are getting a divorce.” I said no to this a few weeks ago because I’m doing my best to keep my family safe during this process. Yes, I’m seeing Katharina, but that didn’t start until after we decided to get a divorce,” he said. “This is a very hard time for us, and I’d like to ask for some privacy so that we can take the best care of our children, who mean the world to us.”

Lisa Hochstein Divorce

Page Six says that on Friday, Lenny Hochstein filed for a divorce from his wife, Lisa Hochstein, who he worked with on “Real Housewives of Miami.” Lenny claimed in court papers that their 12-year “marriage is irretrievably broken and there is no present hope for a meaningful reconciliation,” citing “irreconcilable differences.”

The newspaper said that both spouses had agreed to “dissolve their marriage at least a month ago.” The 55-year-old plastic surgeon said that he and Lisa signed a prenuptial agreement before they got married in October 2009. In accordance with the terms of the prenup, he will have to pay spousal support.

In the case of Lenny and his estranged wife, neither wanted to pay child support while still living in the same home. Because of this, they asked for a divorce. Lenny and his ex-wife have agreed to divide their property because neither of their ex-spouses will pay child support.

When Page Six found out that they had a “showdown” at a club on May 7 after Lenny was seen partying with his new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, breakup rumors started. After telling everyone about their relationship, Lenny and Mazepa were not afraid to show some PDA before Lenny filed for divorce.

Height & Weight

She is an expert on fitness, so her body is in good shape. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 55 Kg.

Lisa Hochstein’s body measurements are 34-24-35 inches, which means she has a 34-inch bust, a 24-inch waist, and 35-inch hips.

Also, she has beautiful hazel eyes to go with her blonde hair.

Lisa Hochstein is also very famous and has a lot of people who follow her on social media. She has more than 515K followers on Instagram and posts under the name @lisahochstein.

The star of “The Real Housewives of Miami” is also active on Twitter, where she has 93.4K followers.

There is also an official Facebook page in her name with more than 603K followers.

Lisa Hochstein Net worth, House & Lifestyle

Lisa and her family are currently living in Miami in a very nice way. She also makes a lot of money from promotions and TV appearances that she gets paid for. She also owns a really nice house in Miami. She also has a lot of high-end cars. Lisa Hochstein’s net worth might be between $10 and $12 million (approx.).

Some things you might not know about Lisa Hochstein

  • Lisa Hochstein is worth $20 million in total.
  • She had dance training and started modeling and competing in beauty pageants when she was young.
  • Hochstein first showed up on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami in 2012. During the second and third seasons, she was a regular cast member.
  • She went out with a Playboy.
  • She is also a model, an expert on fitness, a fashionista, and an expert on beauty.
  • Hochstein and her husband had trouble getting pregnant. They had three miscarriages and four failed IVF cycles before they decided to use a surrogate.


Who is Lisa Hochstein?

Lisa Hochstein is a socialite, model, and reality TV star from Canada. She is best known for being on The Real Housewives of Miami, a Bravo reality show, from 2011 to 2013.

How tall is Lisa Hochstein?

She is about 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

How old is Lisa Hochstein?

She was born in Canada on July 24, 1982. She will be 39 years old in 2021.

Who is Lisa Hochstein’s husband?

Her husband is plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny Hochstein. In 2015, Logan, their son, was born.

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