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Lydia Bouchard is a Canadian television personality and performer. She gained the greatest notoriety for her appearance on the TVA channel program Revolution. Lydia judges in the inspirational program.

Canada-based TVA is a French-language TV channel. Revolution is also the finest live performance that is only available in Quebec, Canada. On the TVA channel, the unscripted television drama has returned for a second season.

Lydia Bouchard has been in Canada for a time now and speaks with a frightful French inflection. She is a choreographer, artist, and aesthetic leader. Additionally, Lydia has served as a stand-in model for a few campaigns.

Watch her live on Revolution on TVA. Investigating the stirring sensations in Quebec, Canada, the compelling unscripted television drama. Here are a few things to consider about the judge for the competition.

Lydia Bouchard Age

Lydia Bouchard seems to be in her 40s or 45s based on her appearance. She hasn’t yet disclosed her true age or date of birth.
She has a lovely figure and may be 5 feet 4 inches tall.
Sadly, there isn’t much information available regarding her early years.

She also has a large net worth. However, at this time, it is unclear what really happened. Audits are being done on her assets and income.

Date of birth and Wikipedia article for Lydia Bouchard

According to her outward look, Lydia Bouchard seems to be between the ages of 40 and 45 at the moment. But it’s a mystery why she hasn’t revealed her precise age or birthdate.

With a height of almost 5 feet 4 inches, the television personality is a very tall lady.

Little is known about her because of the circumstances of her early life.

She also has a substantial quantity of financial fortune. On the other hand, the specific circumstances are still unknown at this point. Her overall assets and annual income are now being audited until further notice.

Conjoint Family & Friends of Lydia Bouchard (Partner)

In terms of her husband, Lydia Bouchard is a married woman whose better half is the author Frederik Dallaire Pelletier. In his area of competence, Frederik is an expert.

The couple currently has two children, which is a blessing.

The attractive television personality is now said to reside in Montreal, Quebec, with her husband and their two children.

There are also no other details regarding her family members. The personalities of her mother and father have not yet been made known.

You ought to get to know Lydia Bouchard. A social networking site is Instagram.

Of course, Lydia Bouchard has a following on Instagram, where she may be discovered. She goes by the handle @lydiabouchardofficial on social media.

She now has over 12.5k followers on Instagram, which is a remarkable achievement. Canadian by birth and nationality, Lydia was born there. On the other hand, the word “entertainer” is French.

As the Chief Executive Officer of “Cirque du Soleil,” she is both a talented artist and a strong leader.

Bio of Lydia Bouchard

The unscripted TV drama Revolution featured Lydia Bouchard, a Canadian choreographer, artist, and TV character. Although she has been the focus of attention for a time, Lydia Bouchard doesn’t currently have a biography on Wikipedia.

Unbelievably, Lydia Bouchard has not yet revealed her age or birthdate. Moving on, she is a married woman. Together with her better half, Frederik Dallaire Pelletier, Lydia Bouchard connected the bunches.

Linkedin indicates that Frederik is an expert. Two children were blessed upon the couple. Lydia Bouchard also has a sizable overall net worth. However, the particular nuances are still extremely unclear at this time.

Of course, you can find her on Instagram. On Instagram, Lydia Bouchard has successfully gathered more than 30k followers. Regarding who she is, she is Canadian. However, the performer happens to be French.

She is also a talented artist and a skilled leader. She is Cirque de Soleil’s director. Currently, Lydia Bouchard is located in Montreal, Quebec. She lives with her family, which consists of a husband and two kids.

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