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Malia Bernal, an American martial artist and fitness instructor, has the power to knock anybody unconscious. She’s also a well-known actress. She is now 77 years old and remains in as good of shape as any adolescent. She is regarded as a brave and aspirational lady in history. She had always been competitive and a fighter.

Malia Bernal Age

Currently 79 years old, Malia Bernal was born on October 5, 1942. That means she will age 80 this year, but judging by her Instagram account, you wouldn’t know it.

When she was 22, she began learning Wun Hop Kuen Do, a hybrid martial art from Hawaii. She wed Al Dacascos, the guy credited with creating Wun Hop Kuen Do, six years later.

Early Years

Malia Bernal was reared in California, where she was born on October 5th, 1942. She has shielded the media from knowledge of his family’s identities. At a very early age, she was exposed to Xiang Dai Kung Fu, and ever since, she has devoted her mind and soul to this discipline. Although her schooling and credentials are not included in the records, it is known that she has a seventh-degree black belt in Xiang Dai Kung Fu.

Career of Malia Bernal

She has been working hard to stand out from the crowd since she was a teenager and had high expectations. Her school instructors pushed her to succeed in anything she chose to do, despite the fact that she was not permitted to engage in sports as a young girl. Malia not only disregarded gender norms but also engaged in competitive competition with male musicians on an equal footing. She promoted the gentler Kung Fu style and created outfits that highlighted elegance and line.

She is a skilled performer as well as a military craftswoman. She started learning Wun Hop Kuen Do at the age of 22 and received instruction from Grandmaster Al Dacascos, the creator of the WHKD. She ultimately succeeded after all these years of adversity to become a Kung Fu icon and a world champion. She put her skills and agility to use while maintaining the same mindset in her work with fitness. Malia Bernal is considered a legend in her own day and is a wonderful example of the decorative arts.

Social Media

Beautiful Malia has around 1779 followers on Instagram with the username @malia.dacascos.bernal. On social media, she is quite transparent about her personal life and has posted a number of photos with her loved ones.

Individual Life

Al Dacascos, a well-liked material arts teacher often known as the “Grandmaster,” and Malia were wed in 1970. later, in 1984, got divorced. Craig and Mark Dacascos, Malia’s stepsons, are alleged to be her children. She is a single mother and not dating anybody right now.

Malia Bernal Salary

She has been able to amass her wealth despite her years of hardship thanks to the money she earns from her career. Her yearly pay is being reviewed, and her estimated net worth is about $500,000. Her economic wealth is completely irrelevant to her when compared to the popularity and achievements she has attained.

Important Fact

  • Malia held the top spots for women in both kata and fighting in the United States for five straight years.
  • She has won around 400 accolades, including Best-All-Around Competitor, among other distinctions.
  • She also achieved fame in a mostly male sport and is the only girl to have won the prized Golden Fist Award three times.
  • At the time, Malia was the only woman in charge of a school for material arts.
  • Her impressive list of achievements includes induction into the AMA Hall of Fame, a #1 ranking from Professional Karate Magazine, and media appearances such as a 1992 cameo in Chuck Norris’ sidekicks.

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