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Mark Killeen is a well-known performer who has received praise for his past performances. He is also one of those celebrities who is praised for his stunning appearance and is also praised by many for his remarkable eye color.

He is an English performer who is renowned for both his acting prowess and his capacity for adaptability. Up to this point, he has played a significant role in certain projects where he has portrayed many difficult tasks for which he has continually received praise from different authorities, including movie producers, makers, chiefs, and others.

His fans like his writings including An Extremely English Christmas, Round of Seats, Specialist Who, Ascent of the Trooper, Risen, and Road Contender: Professional Killer’s Clench Hand. IMDb has his professional information, however there is nothing regarding his personal life that is mentioned.

Mark Killeen Age

In a middle-class household, Mark was born in London, United Kingdom, on January 1, 1986. He grew up there with his parents and siblings. He moved to enroll in a nearby acting school after discovering his love for performing at an early age while still a high school student. Because of his outstanding performance in theatrical plays, he quickly became well-known as an actor in the theater.

Mark Killeen Height and weight

6′ 1″ is roughly Mark Killeen’s height, and 95 kg is about his weight.

Early Life and Theater in Mark Killeen

Mark decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry while attending high school and enrolled in an acting school since he had always loved acting and movies. After finishing his first training at the school, Mark joined a theater and participated in a number of plays and theatre productions. Due to his outstanding performances in stage plays and dramas, he attained early success as an actor in the theater.

Mark Killeen Web Shows and Television Series

With Barbara Machin’s crime, drama, and mystery series “Waking the Dead,” Mark debuted in the mainstream in 2005. He achieved early success as a TV actor in 2011 because to his outstanding performance as a German officer in the drama series “Doctor Who.”

Both critically and financially, the play was a hit, and Terry’s performances were praised all over the world. In addition to this, Mark has contributed to and made appearances in various TV and online programs, such as Miranda (2010), Game of Thrones (2013), Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist (2014), and many more. A thriller program called “Liaison,” which was produced by Virginie Brac, is set to be released in the next years.

Short films and movies by Mark Killeen

In addition to appearing in television shows, Mark is a well-known actor in films. He made his film debut in 2007 as Terry in Julian Gilbey’s action, biographical, and criminal film “Rise of the Footsoldier.” His portrayal of Terry captured the hearts of millions and helped the film become a worldwide hit.

Mark is a well-known actor who has contributed to a number of feature-length and short films, including Magnesium (2011), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), The Callback Queen (2013), 300: Rise of an Empire (2014), The Right Juice (2014), Freak of Nurture (2015), A Very British Christmas (2019), The Batman (2022), and Halfway to Heaven (2009). James Mangold’s action-adventure film “Indiana Jones 5” is the one he’ll be releasing next.

Game of Thrones’ Mark Killeen

The action, drama, and adventure television series “Game of Thrones,” created by D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, cast Mark to play the part of Mero. The popular novel “A Game of Thrones,” which is a component of the epic series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” served as the basis for the television series. He had a fantastic performance as Maro, and the musical did well financially.

What Is Mark Killeen’s Worth?

In 2022, Mark Killeen’s net worth is expected to exceed $3.26 million USD. Acting, films, TV programs, online series, advertisements, brand promotions, and several other business endeavors are the main sources of his income.

The Parents and Siblings of Mark Killeen

At this time, there is no reliable information regarding Mark’s parents and other family members. We will tell you guys right away if he ever discloses any information regarding his family members.

Mark Killeen’s spouse, companion, and kids

At this moment, Mark has not revealed any specific information on any platform concerning his wife, partner, or kids. However, we are doing a thorough inquiry on his marriage or relationships, and we’ll keep you guys posted as soon as we learn anything crucial.

Mark Killeen Unknown Facts

  • Mark Killeen is a native of London, England.
  • He is well-known as an actor, fighter, and media personality.
  • Boxing, traveling, driving, horse racing, surfing, fishing, and boating are some of his pastimes.
  • In 2005, Mark made his acting debut in the drama television series “Waking the Dead.”
  • He loves animals and keeps dogs and cats as pets.
  • Mark enjoys Spanish, German, and Italian cuisines.
  • He loves listening to music and plays the guitar and piano.


Mark Killeen: Who is he?

Mark Killeen is a well-known British actor who has gained international recognition for his performances in a number of films and television programs, including Rise of the Footsoldier (2007), Miranda (2010), Doctor Who (2011), The Batman (2022), and many more.

Mark Killeen is he wed?

It would be premature to remark on Mark Killeen’s marriage at this time.

What year was Mark Killeen born?

Mark Killeen is 35 years old (as of 2022).

When is Mark Killeen’s birthday?

On January 1st, 1986, Mark Killeen was born.

What is Mark Killeen’s zodiac sign?

Capricorn is Mark Killeen’s zodiac sign.

What is Mark Killeen’s height?

Mark Killeen stands around 6′ 1″ tall.

From what country is Mark Killeen?

Mark Killeen is a native of London, England.

What country does Mark Killeen hail from?

British nationality is held by Mark Killeen.

How much money is Mark Killeen worth?

In 2022, Mark Killeen’s net worth is expected to exceed $3.26 million USD.

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