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As of 2021, Maxx Morando will be 23 years old. He belongs to the Virgo zodiac. He goes by Maxx Morando in full. Along with his parents and brothers, he was raised in the United States. He is an American citizen, too. He is a member of the white race. He follows the Christian religion. Speaking about his educational background, he attended a local high school. Likewise, nothing is known about his further studies.

Maxx Morando Age

On November 16, 1998, Maxx Morando was born in the United States. He will be 23 years old in 2021. He is a Virgo according to astrology. He goes under the moniker Maxx Morando. Along with his parents and brothers, he was raised in the United States. Additionally an American citizen, Maxx. He is a member of the white ethnicity. His spirituality is Christian.


In terms of his schooling, he graduated from a local high school. In a similar vein, nothing regarding his further schooling has been made public.

Drummer Maxx Morando is an expert. At Hollywood’s School of Rock, where the Regrettes were later established, he first met the other band members. He is an American drummer who is most well-known for his work with the Los Angeles-based band The Regrettes. Feel Your Feelings Fool!, the first full-length studio album by his band, was released on January 13, 2017. He has a wide range of interests and is talented. He has a lot of followers and garnered a lot of attention after being seen with Miley Cyrus at her New Year’s Eve event.

What kind of relationship does Maxx Morando have?

He is allegedly Miley Cyrus’s latest love interest. Their relationship was the subject of rumours when they were seen together in Miami when Cyrus was shooting her NBC New Year’s Eve special, Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party. On her hotel balcony in Miami, the media recorded them. There were also a few views of them dancing backstage, which fascinated her. Although they haven’t publicly acknowledged their relationship, they weren’t exactly hiding it when they were seen on the red carpet together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show in Los Angeles in November.

Body Dimensions: Height, Weight, and Size

Maxx Morando has a height of 5′ 8″. He is roughly 55 kg heavy (121 lbs). He has dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. His dress size, shoe size, biceps, and other physical characteristics are unknown, as are his chest, waist, and hip measurements.


Drummer Maxx Morando has a lot of skill. At the School of Rock in Hollywood, California, where the Regrettes were eventually established, he first met the other band members. He is a drummer from the United States who is most known for playing with the Los Angeles-based group The Regrettes. The group’s first full-length studio album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, was made available on January 13, 2017. He has a variety of skills and interests. After being seen with Miley Cyrus at her New Year’s Eve event, he quickly rose to fame and amassed a sizable fan base.

How much money is Maxx Morando worth?

Maxx Morando is said to be worth $2 million. One of the richest and most well-known drummers is Maxx Morando. He was also one of the few famous Americans who was a native of the country. Although drumming is his main source of revenue, he also obtains several brand sponsorships, which enables him to augment his income.

Can you find Maxx on Instagram?

In reality, Maxx has a profile on Instagram. He has 15.4k followers on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @mmaxxm.

An original cartoon collaboration he made with Shane Kastl for Miley for Vogue Magazine is featured in one of his articles. By clicking the following link, you may follow Maxx’s current band Liily on Instagram.

Facts about Maxx Morando

He was raised in Los Angeles, where he was born.
On January 13, 2017, Maxx and the rock group The Regrettes released their debut full-length album under the name Feel Your Feelings Fool! Maxx had previously served as the drummer for the Regrettes. In their company from 2015 to 2018, he had been.
Maxx is not only a talented drummer, but also a guitarist.
On August 18, 2018, Maxx made the first post on his Instagram account.
He has previously worked with fashion designer Shane Kastl to make a dress for Miley Cyrus.

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