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For season 17 of Bachelorette, Katie Thurston served as the new bachelorette. One of the contenders vying for Katie’s affection was Michael Allio, a single father of a 4-year-old kid.

Learn more about Michael Allio in this wiki and whether or not he was successful in capturing Katie’s affection.

Michael Allio age & Birth

On May 17, 1984, Michael Allio was born. That indicates that he was 37 years old as of today, or August 10, 2021. The 17th of May 2021 was his 37th birthday. His zodiac sign is Taurus, as well.

Bio of Michael Allio

The 17th season of The Bachelorette, which features Katie Thurston, had 29 candidates, including American business entrepreneur Michael Allio, 36, of Akron, Ohio.

James, his four-year-old son, is the center of his existence, and he is a single father who cherishes and loves him dearly. He claims that anybody dating him must accept everything about him, including his son, since he would not like it any other way. He is eager to find someone to share his full life with. Also on his wish list is a lady who is tough, not easily hurt, empathic, and not easily offended.

A self-deprecating sense of humor is one of Michael’s major turns on in women. She must also be witty, have a sense of humor, be someone who fights against ignorance and has strong opinions. Additionally, he claims that he is prepared to meet a woman who will bring out the best in him. He is sincere in his search for love. He enjoys listening to rap and 90s R&B, and he chooses the mountains over the beach any day of the week.

Home town and family of Michael Allio

Ohio’s Akron is the hometown of Michael Allio. Additionally, he was born to Mark and Shelly Allio. We don’t know a much about his parents other than the fact that Kathleen Ann Jividen, his mother’s mother and his maternal grandma, died away on August 25, 2019.

In addition to his parents and grandparents, Michael grew up with a few siblings. Brynn Allio Popa, the Greater Akron Chamber’s senior vice president of strategic initiatives and engagement, is his sister. Brynn has two children of her own and is already married.

Another older sister by the name of Janet Allio died away on April 26, 2011, at the age of 54. Along with two sisters, Michael’s family also included a brother named Alexander Allio who, in 2021, was 30 years old and resided in Fairlawn, Ohio.

Height of Michael Allio

Michael Allio is a tall man, standing at 6 feet. He also had brown eyes and heavy black hair that he mostly wore short.

His Facebook and Instagram

As of August 2021, Michael Allio wasn’t all that popular on social media. He had 205k followers, making him the biggest user on Instagram. Similar to that, he only had 142 followers on Twitter. He just had a conventional Facebook profile, which more than 400 people followed; he didn’t even have a Facebook page.

Michael Allio’s Career and Wealth

Michael is not just a parent but also a sales manager and a budding entrepreneur. He began his adventure by attending Loyola University Chicago for college. He earned a BBA in 2006 along with credits in communication and media studies.

His first position after graduation was as a Sales Consultant for Novartis. From 2006 until 2012, he spent six and a half years working there. In 2012, he left that position and began working as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MASCOT Workwear USA. Even after more than nine years, he is still employed there.

Michael worked on his own side enterprises in addition to his two primary sales jobs. For instance, in Cleveland, Ohio, he established The L4 Project in 2019, a “socially responsible apparel firm.” In his native Akron, Ohio, he also established Allstera, a business that specializes in sanitation consumer goods and personal protection equipment.

Michael Allio’s Son and Wife

Laura Ritter-Allio and Michael Allio were wed for more than 7 years. While both of them were students at Loyola University Chicago, he first met Laura. They fell in love, let it grow, and were married in 2012. Michael’s wife and their kid, who was born on September 9, 2016, had a very happy marriage. The boy was given the name James.

But in April 2017, shortly after the birth of their baby, Michael’s wife received a breast cancer diagnosis. She underwent challenging cancer treatment for more than 18 months, and although it appeared like she was improving, cancer returned in late 2018 and took her life this time. 2019 saw Laura’s passing.

Michael Allio’s Partner

Allio is not yet married. He was, however, previously married for more than seven years to Laura Ritter Allio. At Loyola University Chicago, where they both attended school, they first met. In 2012, they were married.

On September 9, 2016, the couple welcomed a son, James, into the world.
In April 2017, his wife received a breast cancer diagnosis, and she underwent treatment for the disease for a total of 18 months. It seemed like her situation was getting better for a time, but later in 2018, she received a second breast cancer diagnosis, and she died away in 2019.

Michael Allio The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette season 17 will debut on ABC on June 7 at 8 p.m. ET with 29 candidates, including Allio. A participant on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, Katie Thurston, a 30-year-old bank marketing manager from Lynnwood, Washington, is featured in the season. On March 15, 2021, Emmanuel Acho revealed her as the next bachelorette at the After the Final Rose segment of the 25th season of The Bachelor.

Family and parents of Michael Allio

Allio’s mother is Shelly Allio, and his father is Mark. Kathreen Ann Jividen, his maternal grandmother, passed away on August 25, 2019. He was reared alongside his three siblings, including Alexander Allio, who lives in Fairlawn, Ohio, and Anet Allio, the oldest of whom died away on April 26, 2011, at the age of 54. Another sister of his, Brynn Allio Po[a, a senior vice president of strategic initiatives and engagement for the Greater Akron Chamber, is also alive.

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