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Milana Khametova is a name you may have heard. Milana is becoming more well-known because the number of people who follow her grows every day. People all over the world like to keep up with social media and what’s popular at the moment. Milana is interesting to people from Italy, the United Kingdom, and all over the world.

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Milana Khametove Age & Birthday

Milana Khametova is 12 years old and was born on March 5, 2010. She lives in Moscow, which is in Russia, but she was born in Novosibirsk, which is also in Russia.

Who is Milana Makhanets?

Milana has seven million followers on the Singaporean app Likee, which is similar to TikTok, and half a million followers on Instagram. The Ukrainian teen boy Pasha Pai is an influencer and a rising social media star with more than half a million Likee followers. Even though the post has been deleted, screenshots of it can still be found all over the Internet. In it, Milana Makhanets said, “Pasha and I are now a couple.” The post also has a picture of the two of them looking into each other’s eyes in a romantic way.

Even when they were younger, Milana had shared photos with Pasha that were too close for their age. Milana posts less about Pasha on Instagram than Pasha does, but Pasha’s Instagram is full of pictures of Milana. She has put a lot of pictures of the 13-year-old boy cuddling her on Instagram. Some of the pictures also show the two kids sleeping in the same bed. Milana’s mother, Darya, knows that he is seeing her daughter. She is in charge of Milana’s social media accounts. The mother is fine with them dating, and she has prayed for their happiness together. The only reason this relationship is news is because both people are small. This caused a stir on social media, and many people have compared it to child pornography, pointing to pictures that Pasha posted on his page.

One picture showed Milana Makhanets sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, and another showed her brushing her teeth while wearing only her underwear. The photos have been taken down. Fans of both Pasha and Milana have shared a small number of screenshots on social networking sites. Igor Mosiychuk, a Ukrainian journalist and former politician, said in response to the above incident, “All this promotion on Mila and Pasha’s social networks is very, very close to child pornography and is a breeding ground that, like honey, attracts and encourages pedophiles to act.” Milana Makhanets’s mother takes care of her daughter’s social media accounts. On her own account, she wrote, “This is their life, and they will figure it out on their own.”

Anna Malyar, a lawyer, said in a Facebook post that Milana’s mother Darya is the only one to blame and should be arrested for sexually abusing a child. Anna Malyar said that the mother “turned an eight-year-old girl into a seductive woman for perverts” and that she needs to be punished for her bad behavior. Milana Makhanets, who is still young, goes to school and works as a child model. She is often seen at children’s fashion shows, where she gives fashion advice to her fans and works with brands.

Milana Khametova Boyfriend/Husband

Who is Milana Khametova’s husband or boyfriend? Milana Khametova is a popular Instagram user. Her fans want to know a lot about her private life. Milana Khametova hasn’t talked about her personal life, though. Check out our page to find out what’s new in the celebrity’s biography.


Khametova’s parents are named Dava (Father) and Albina (Mother). As soon as we find out more, we’ll let you know.

Milana Khametove Instagram

Even though Milana’s Instagram account isn’t verified, she is well-known on the site. She has 1613 posts and 1.3 million followers. Her mom takes care of her social media accounts, where she posts photos, videos from shoots with other people, and reels of her work.

Her clothing line, Millisa Brand, has a second Instagram account with 83,000 followers. She only posts about and promotes her clothing brand on this account.

Milana Khametova Tik Tok

Milana had more followers on her Instagram account than on her Tik Tok account. But because you have to be 13 or older to use TikTok, her account was blocked because she was too young. She is now using the Likee app after being banned from Tik Tok.

Milana Makhanets Net Worth

Milana Makhanets is thought to have a net worth of around $10,000 USD.


Do we know anything new about Milana Khametova?

No, there’s something new to say about her. We’ll let our readers know if there are any.

How much does Milana Khametova have in the bank?

Her estimated worth is $10,000 USD.

How many people are following Milana on YouTube?

She has nearly 4 million subscribers and the silver and gold play buttons on YouTube.

Does Milana post to YouTube like she does on Instagram?

Yes, she puts up video blogs and music videos on her channel.

Did she win any awards for her beauty?

Yes, she did win “Best Photo Model for Moscow” in 2016.

How many videos does her YouTube profile have?

She has put together 333 videos on YouTube.

Is Milana dating anyone?

No, she’s just a kid and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is focusing on her career right now.

On the Likee app, how many people follow Milana Khametova?

She has 2.78 million followers on Like, where she has made 1,000 posts and received 61.82 million likes.

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