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Nick Kici is a well-known English person who is now in the fourth season of Too Hot to Handle on Netflix. His home is in Michigan. He is friendly and likes to have fun. He also has a great sense of humor. He is also very dedicated to his workout routine and always pushes himself to stay in shape. Nick also likes to do things outside, like swimming, surfing, and running marathons. All about Nick Kici’s age, height, net worth, parents, and other information.

Nick Kici Age & Birthday

Nick Kici was born on September 7, 1994, in Detroit, Michigan, to a Catholic family. He is now 28 years old. At the moment, no one knows who this model’s parents are because he doesn’t talk much about them and doesn’t post any photos of them on Instagram.

When Kici was a child, everyone told him how divine he was because of his beautiful eyes. When he got to high school, everyone started telling him he should become a model. Nick also wanted to be a fashion model, but he put the idea off and didn’t do anything about it. At 19, he decided to give modeling a try and jumped right in.

Nick Kici’s Career

Nick’s first days as a model were hard because he had more competition than he thought he would. He got a job in a print ad, and that was the beginning of his career as a model. After a while, Kici got in touch with DT Model Management, which helped his career a lot.

During this time, he got a job offer to work on “The Invisible Man.” He took it and moved to Australia to film it. The movie was a hit, which helped Nick’s career as an actor. He was in a movie again the following year, but this time it was a short film called “Knotwtr.”

Nick’s big break came with Netflix’s dating show “THTH” in 2022. People who watched the show saw how he acted on it and how he planned the whole game. He is a TV star and model right now, and his photos are in Vanity Teen.

Family of Nick Kici

Nick has been interested in acting ever since he was a child. Nick’s childhood was really great because his parents cared about him and loved him a lot. They were always giving Nick everything he needed to do what he wants. On the surface, Nick’s childhood had a big impact on his success now.

Right now, there is no information about Nick’s family history, parents, siblings, other relatives, or his childhood. Nick seems to be a very private person because he hasn’t said much about his family or where he comes from. We are currently looking into Nick’s family history. If we find out anything about his family, we will let you know right away.

Nick Kici Girlfriend

Nick’s fans want to know about his relationships, like who he is dating now or who he has dated in the past. Nick is still single. He is not taken. As of right now, he is not going out with anyone. At this time, the public domain and social media platforms don’t have any bare facts about Nick’s connections or girlfriends.

Nick tries to keep his love life private, just like other famous people and people who have a lot of followers on social media. He seems to be a very private person because he hasn’t said anything about who he dates. But there’s no doubt that a lot of people like Nick, but he doesn’t have a girlfriend. We’re looking into Nick’s past relationships right now. If we find out anything about them, we’ll let you know right away.

Nick Kici Instagram

Nick is a social media influencer in addition to being an actor. His Instagram account, which he owns and is named after himself, has a lot of followers. He is mostly active and well-known on Instagram, where he shares photos and videos of his fashion, modeling, travel, adventure, and everyday life. As his popularity on the platform grew, he became a digital face for a few fashion and sports brands and helped to promote them.

How much money Nick Kici has

As of right now, in 2022, Nick Kici has a net worth of about $700,000. Nick hasn’t said anything about how much money he has or how much he makes. From what we’ve read and what we’ve found on the internet, Nick’s current net worth is said to be about $700,000. Acting in movies and TV shows, modeling, commercials, TV ads, brand endorsements, and other business ventures are his main ways to make money. Since he has a busy career, it is likely that his net worth will grow over the next few years.


  • Nick Kici was born and raised in the United States.
  • He is so handsome and good-looking.
  • Nick knows a lot about food from Italy, Mexico, and Japan, including seafood.
  • He likes to sing, dance, write, take pictures, and paint in his spare time.
  • Nick loves animals very much and has both dogs and cats as pets.
  • He also works with different actors and influencers to promote different brands.
  • Nick loves to go on trips and see new places.
  • He likes to play football and go to the gym.
  • Nick likes music and likes to play the guitar and listen to music.
  • He is an actor and model who is well known.

Nick Kici Q&A

What is Nick Kici’s age?

Ans: 28 (in 2022). (in 2022).

What country does Nick Kici come from?

Answer: U.S.

What does Nick Kici do for a living?

He is a model and wants to be an actor.

What is Nick Kici’s height?

Ans: 5 feet 10 (1.77 m).

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