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American writer and political pundit Philip Wegmann was born and raised in Woodburn, Indiana. At the moment, Philip works as a political analyst for RealClearPolitics. Wegmann formerly worked as a political commentator at The Washington Examiner before joining RealClearPolitics.

Philip Wegmann Age and Birthday: How Old Is He?

As of the year 2020, Philip Wegmann will be 28 years old. He was born on May 12, 1992, in Woodburn, Indiana, in the United States. He celebrates his birthday on May 12 of each year, and Taurus is his astrological sign. On May 12, 2021, Wegmann will turn 29 years old.

Height and weight of Philip Wegmann

Wegmann is a healthy weight and ordinary height. If his images, in relation to his surroundings, are any indication, he appears to be rather tall. His real height and other physical characteristics, however, are not currently known to the general public. As soon as we learn more, we will update this information.

Familie Philip Wegmann: Parents and Siblings

His parents are Elizabeth and Lynn. Philip has also shared his upbringing with two brothers and a sister. James and Thomas Wegmann are Wegmann’s two brothers. Laura is the name of Philip’s sister, on the other hand.

Ben Sasse, a Republican senator, has a communications director in his older brother James. Laura, Philip’s sister, is a children’s book illustrator. The youngest of them all, Thomas, wants to play baseball and take pictures.

Salary of Philip Wegmann

The annual salary range for political commentators in journalism is from $33,774 to $112,519. Nevertheless, depending on the employee’s degree of seniority, these numbers may differ significantly. We don’t currently know Philip’s exact salary or net worth, but we’ll keep an eye on it and let you know as soon as we do.

Philip Wegmann’s Net Worth

Wegmann has a significant amount of media experience. He has undoubtedly accumulated a substantial fortune, with the most of his riches coming from a career as a professional journalist. Philip chooses to live a simple life despite his obvious wealth. However, because the specifics of his assets and liabilities are still being examined, it is challenging to calculate his true net worth. He also doesn’t disclose his pay.

Education Philip Wegmann

Wegmann received his early education at home. Wegmann additionally attended Hillsdale College. Philip is a history and politics bachelor’s degree holder. 2015 saw his graduation.

Philip Wegmann Anchor

During his formative years, Wegmann was educated at home. His response to the topic “What traits make America a great nation?” earned him first place in a national essay writing competition when he was 18 years old. Over 7,500 entries were submitted to the contest, which was organized by the group “Stossel in the Classroom.”

As a staff writer and radio producer for The Federalist Radio Hour, Wegmann started his career at The Federalist. Additionally, he was a reporter and legislative correspondent for the Daily Signal where he reported on breaking news both domestically and abroad. Later, he became a political commentary writer for The Washington Examiner.


Philip Wegmann, who is he?

Wegmann is a well-known journalist and political commentator for RealClearPolitics. Wegmann worked as a political commentator for The Washington Examiner before joining RealClearPolitics.

What is Philip Wegmann’s age?

Wegmann is an American citizen who was born in Woodburn, Indiana, on May 12, 1992.

What is Philip Wegmann’s height?

Although Philip has not disclosed his height to the public, he is of ordinary height. Once we obtain confirmation of his height from a reliable source, we will list it.

Wegmann is he married?

His romantic history is still being investigated in detail. When he enters a relationship or whenever we learn something useful about his love life, we’ll let you know.

What is the Net Worth of Wegmann’s?

Wegmann hasn’t yet disclosed how much money he makes. When we obtain and verify information regarding the wealth and properties registered in his name, we will update this section.

What does Philip earn?

According to our estimates of the typical pay for journalists in the United States, Wegmann earns an annual salary between $ 24,292 and $ 72,507, which equates to an average hourly compensation between $ 10.15 and $ 31.32.

Where is Wegmann’s residence?

He lives in Washington, DC, USA, and as soon as we receive images of his home, we will share them.

Is Philip still alive or not?

Wegmann is still alive and healthy. There have been no reports of him being ill or experiencing any medical problems.

Now where is Philip?

In order to further his career, Philip Wegmann is a journalist. He works at RealClearPolitics as a political analyst.

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