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Pretty Vee is a social media influencer and Instagram star from Miami, Florida. She is also known online as Vena E. She is well-known for being friendly and charming. Yesimprettyvee has more than five million people who follow her on Instagram. She usually posts funny videos of herself in her pink robe to her own Instagram account. Pretty is well-known on Instagram, and in 2019 she made her reality TV debut on the show Girls Cruise. Also, her posts often surprised her million or more followers.

Psalms is the name of her sister. No one has said what her parents’ names are, but there are pictures of them on Instagram.

She went to St. Augustine University to study. She was born in Miami, Florida, but has lived in both South Carolina and North Carolina.

Pretty Vee Age & Birthday

Pretty Vee was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America, on October 12, 1991. She is 30 years old right now. Libra is her star sign. She was born with the name Vena Excell.

She has a sister named Psalms, and she talks about her family. She hasn’t said the names of her parents, but she has shown them in Instagram posts.

She went to Saint Augustines University, which is part of her education. She was born in Miami, Florida, but has also lived in South Carolina and North Carolina.

She is active on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok when it comes to social media. On TikTok, 331.9k people follow Pretty and 532.6k people like her videos.

Vena joined Twitter in June 2009, and she now has more than 11,600 people following her there. In the same way, she has 6 million followers on Instagram. Last, she has 23.5k subscribers on YouTube.


Vena is known on social media for what she does. She’s mostly famous on Instagram, but she’s also popular on TikTok and YouTube. Her @yesimprettyvee channel on TikTok is very popular.

Vena often makes memes out of her lip-sync, dub, and dance videos. She makes a lot of videos that are funny. This unique look has helped her become more well-known on social media.

She has also used content from TikTok in her music video. She also mostly makes funny videos, dancing videos, and lip-sync videos.

Pretty is also well-known for the interesting photos and videos she posts on Instagram under the name @yesimprettyvee.

Vena is a well-known person on social media. She rose to fame as Vena E on Instagram. Her @yesimprettyvee Instagram account has more than 4.6 million followers because of the funny videos she posts in her pink robe.

She first showed up on reality TV in 2019 on the show Girls Cruise.

On September 14, 2020, she also made a YouTube account with her own name. So far, her YouTube channel “Pretty Vee TV” has had more than 340,268 views and 11.8k subscribers.

Pretty Vee’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Pretty Vee has a net worth of about $2 million. Vee makes most of her money through social media, especially Instagram, and sponsorships.

Pretty Vee is a successful businesswoman as well as an Instagram star. Vena has put out a line of electronics and beauty products that are doing very well.

Vee also has her own brands, which have helped her make even more money.

The social media star can now show off her hard-earned money on her social media accounts.

Status of Relationship

No one knows for sure if she is single or in a relationship right now.

It’s possible that she doesn’t want people to know about her relationships or love affairs and wants to keep them private.

Or, she might be single right now and be putting more effort into building her singing career.

Still, not much has been said about this issue. She has also not posted anything on social media that might give away who she is seeing or what she is doing.

She has also kept her public image clean and free of rumors, scandals, and other problems that could hurt her career and personal life.

Still, Vena’s beauty, talent, sense of humor, and charms will bring her many lovers in the future.

Height & Weight

This social media star hasn’t said anything about what her body measurements are. But she is about the same height and weight as he is, so her body is similar to his.

She has kept her body in good shape. She is both hot and pretty, which is why a lot of men are interested in her.

In the same way, no one knows her dress size, shoe size, or anything else about her. She has brown eyes and black hair.


Pretty Vee is a popular person on social media and Instagram. She hasn’t won any important awards yet, though.

Vee hasn’t been nominated for the award either, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a lot of power.

But Vee’s social media have made her a very important person for everyone all over the world.

In her career, Vee still has a long way to go. Vee has a lot of fans and works hard, so she could win some big awards in the future.

When Vee finally gets her first award, we will add it to the list and update the article.


Pretty Vee is a very humble and nice person, so she has never been involved in a scandal. But there are a lot of crazy rumors about Vee, like that the talented social media star is dating the famous rapper Rick Ross.

The rumor spread after Vee posted a picture of herself and the rapper “Rick Ross” looking friendly. “I’m going to let this sit,” the captain wrote. The picture quickly went viral on the internet, and many people quickly pointed out that they were probably dating.

But in the end, it was just a rumor, since neither Vee nor Rick Ross has said anything official about them dating as of yet.


  • In 2021, she will be 29 years old.
  • Libra is her star sign.
  • In June 2009, she started using Twitter.
  • Both South Carolina and North Carolina were her homes.
  • is her email address.
  • She was a Fashion Nova representative.

Questions People Usually Ask

What is the real name of Pretty Vee?

Vena Excell is the name of Pretty Vee’s real name. Vena kept her nickname, “Pretty Vee,” because it sounded cool on social media and was her real name.

How tall and how much does Pretty Vee weigh?

Pretty Vee is about 5 ft 5 inches tall and about 65 kg heavy.

How much money does Pretty Vee have?

Vee has a net worth of about $2 million. She makes most of her money from her business and social media.

Is Rick Ross Dating Pretty Vee?

Pretty Vee is not single, but after she posted a photo of herself cuddling up to Ross, rumors spread that she was dating him.

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