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Terry Savage is a well-known writer, author, speaker, and columnist. He is also a well-known public figure. She helps everyone who needs it, whether they are students, parents who are getting old, employers, or employees. She has worked for big companies like Allstate, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Hilton, and others.

Her four books on personal finance are the ones that sell the most copies. She also has a blog at www.TerrySavage.com. Also, she has a Q&A show called “Ask Terry,” where anyone can contact her and ask her questions. Terry is also known as an expert on personal finance, the economy, and the markets, both nationally and internationally.

The Tribune Content Agency pays her to write columns. She has also been on national radio and TV shows, like the weekly personal finance segment on WGN Radio and WGN-TV in Chicago. Terry has been named one of the Top 5 Speakers of the Year by Speakers Platform for a number of years. In 2018, she got the Silver Circle award from the Chicago Television Academy and a lifetime achievement award from the Chicago Journalists Association.

Terry Savage Age & Birthday

Terry Savage, who was born Terry L. Savage in 1944, is now 76 years old. Terry’s 76th birthday was on August 22 of this year.

She lives in the Greater Chicago Area right now. Her sun sign is Leo, and just like her sun sign, she is in charge of the market of economics right now. She was born in 1944, and even though she was a woman, she was still able to go to college.

Her parents must be very proud of her and always be there for her. Trading Places is her favorite movie about trading, and Pachinko is her favorite book. When she has free time, she likes to go horseback riding. She is 76 years old right now.

Career and Awards of Terry Savage

Terry’s first job was as a stockbroker, and she was the first woman to trade on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. In 1986, she started her own business called The Savage Truth, where she works as a Personal Finance Expert, a columnist, and an author. She also worked at the Chicago Sun-Times from 1990 to 2013 as a nationally syndicated columnist.

Terry is also a well-known speaker on personal finance, the markets, and the economy. Since 2013, he has been speaking at The Huffington Post. Since 2015, she has also worked as a Contributor at WGN-TV. Since 2015, Terry has also been a commentator for WGN Radio AM 720. Since 2015, she has written a column for Tribune Content Agency that is read all over the country. She is on the Board of Directors of CME Group, the company that owns the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Terry has won many awards and been recognized for his work. The National Press Club gave him an award for Outstanding Consumer Journalism, and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University gave him an award for Outstanding Personal Finance Columnist.

In 2018, she also got the Silver Circle award from the Chicago Television Academy and a lifetime achievement award from the Chicago Journalists Association. She also got the Director’s Choice Award, which is given to a few women who serve on the boards of America’s biggest companies.

Education for Terry Savage

Terry went to the University of Michigan and graduated with a Phi Beta Kappa honor. Terry got a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship in American Studies while he was in college.

Terry Savage’s income, salary, and net worth in 2021

Terry Savage makes an average of $227,182 a year as a member of the Board of Directors of CME Group. She owns over 2,000 units of CME Inc stock, which are worth more than $367,96. Terry has a website where anyone can ask her questions and she answers them.

She is in many newspapers, magazines, and TV shows. She has written four books that have sold a lot on Amazon. Terry Savage is still working at the age of 76. He is a Contributor at WGN-TV, a Commentator for WGN Radio AM 720, and a Nationally Syndicated Financial Columnist for Tribune Content Agency.

Terry Savage’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $7 million, based on the money she has made from her work over many years.

Terry Savage Husband & Girlfriend

Terry’s job has brought her a lot of attention and fame, and her fans are interested in getting to know her better.

So, it’s clear that people want to know if Terry is married and what her relationship with her husband is like. But the media don’t know much about Terry because he has managed to keep his personal life very private.

But the fact that Terry Savage is not married right now might surprise you. We don’t know if Terry has been married or had a husband in the past. But for now, our sources tell us that she is living alone. There is also no information about whether or not Terry has kids.

Terry is known to give many married couples the idea to invest their money, but she doesn’t have her own partner.

Social Media of Terry Savage

Terry joined Twitter in February 2011 and uses the handle @Terrytalksmoney. She has 2,872 Followers so far. She tells her followers to ask her questions about a range of economic and financial topics.

As Terry Savage @TheSavageTruth, 1,678 people like her Facebook page and follow her as @TheSavageTruth.

1,816 people. On September 22, she wrote her last post, in which she thanked all of her followers for asking her the questions.

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