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A well-known figure in the music business is Tootie Raww. He works as a musician and is well-known on social media. The smash songs and music videos Trippin and Waiting On Me made Tootie a household name. The United States of America is where Raww is from.

In addition to this, Tootie is well-known for being the child of renowned rapper Bossie Badazz. The father-son pair frequently made headlines, but in 2020, after his father allegedly admitted to paying for his son’s oral sex, they became the talk of the town. In response, the boy’s father remarked, “I’m raising my son the proper way.”

Tootie Raww Age

What is the young influencer’s true age, given that he is still a minor?

By 2022, Tootie Raww will only be 19 years old. He was born on August 6, 2003, and is a highly talented and ambitious artist. Tootie is a Capricorn according to his horoscope since he was born on August 6th.

Height and weight

Tootie Raww’s height is just 5 feet 4 inches since he is still developing. Additionally, he weighs 60 kg. Tootie has not yet shown an interest in exercising.

We will let you know if he soon discloses his fitness regiment, however. He does not really concerned about eating a healthy diet and prefers non-vegetarian meals.

Family and childhood

Torrence Hatch, the son of American-born parents, was born as Tootie Raww. He grew raised with both of his parents and is of African American descent. Since Torrence Hatch is also the name of his father, Tootie and his father have the same name.

He has two sisters and a mother named Walnita. Iviona and Tarlaysia Hatch are his sisters’ names. Rapper Tootie’s father is also well-known. He progressively acquired an interest in music due to the fact that he was raised in a household of music lovers.

Few people are familiar with Tootie Raww by his true name since he opted to go under a stage name. He continues to attend classes in his hometown. The United States is where he now resides.

Relationships and Dating

Tootie Raww has not yet been linked to any known girlfriends. He has a sizable female fan following since she is young, skilled, and attractive. He isn’t dating right now, but we’ll let you know when he does.

Career as an Influencer

When his father, Boosie Badazz, became embroiled in the birthday scandal, Tootie Raww’s career as an influencer began. Tootie has since been referred to as Boosie’s son. He quickly gathered hundreds of followers after creating an Instagram account.

Today, his Instagram account, “tootie raww,” has only 5 followers but over 588 thousand followers. He also has a huge fan base despite having just two postings on his page. Following in his father’s footsteps, Tootie just entered the music business.

He wants to be a rapper and is improving his freestyle abilities every day. “AUG 10” is the title of one of his popular YouTube videos. For the time being, Tootie only posts music on his father’s YouTube account. He could, however, start putting out music on his own channel eventually.

On his Instagram page, Tootie has shared one video and one image of himself. His father and he rap together in the video.

Tootie Raww Net Worth

As of 2022, Tootie Raww has a $5 million net worth. The young person uses digital media platforms to generate millions of dollars each year. His YouTube video sales account for the majority of his income. Tootie has contracts with record companies and recording studios, which help him make money.

Similar to this, he also makes money from sponsorships, brand endorsements, and affiliate marketing. In addition, a portion of Tootie’s net worth comes from her guest spots, performances, and musical tours.

Ten Things About Tootie Raww You Didn’t Know

  • Tootie is a young, diligent youngster whose love for music has no bounds.
  • As it seems that Raww is still fairly young for all of these things, he has not made any disclosures regarding his romantic life. Additionally, he is right now concentrating on his job. Ramya J. also claimed his name. They also collaborated on the song That’s A Fact.
  • Ramya J and Tootie Raww are close pals.
  • His father was given a nearly 4-year jail term in 2009 on narcotics and firearms offences.
  • Bossie Badazz, the father of Tootie Raww, received a nearly 4-year jail term for drug and firearm offenses.
  • After that, in 2010, Boosie was penalized for allegations of first-degree murder and received a 10-year term for a number of drug possession-related offenses.
  • Recently, Tootie Raww and his father took part in a Dirty Glove Bastard interview on Off
  • The Porch. Raww said that he aspired to surpass his father in every way.
  • However, on March 5, 2014, he was released early for his good conduct after serving five years in jail.
  • On March 9, 2013, Badazz obtained his GED while he was incarcerated.
  • He has an Instagram account, but he has never posted anything there. More than 641k people follow the star on it.
  • On Instagram, Tootie Raww has 641k followers.
  • Walnita “Nita” Decuir, Tootie’s mother, was detained in 2010 for trying to transport drugs and was charged with drug distribution.
  • On October 22, 2008, East Baton Rouge sheriff’s officers caught the rapper Boosie in his vehicle with marijuana and a Glock handgun.

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