Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey admits mistake, says he will fix it now

Elon Musk Twitter Deal: After Elon Musk and the Twitter deal, Jack Dorsey has made a long tweet. In this tweet, he said that all the decisions taken so far were my responsibility. If we were doing wrong, we’ll do it right now. Know the whole case.

  • Elon Musk has signed a deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion
  • Elon Musk opposes Twitter’s policy
  • jack dorsey tweeted his mistake.

Since Elon Musk’s entry into Twitter, there have been many fears about many things. Whether it’s about twitter’s way of working so far or the upcoming features, there is suspense about everything at the moment.

No one knows what Elon Musk’s next move will be at the moment, but Twitter’s ex-boss and co-founder Jack Dorsey has made a series of tweets. In fact, Musk directly criticizes Twitter’s censorship and monitoring policy.

he wants to make twitter a free speech platform and many employees of the company are not considering their jobs safe. employees who hoped that jack dorsey could ease their anxiety would have their hands disappointed. jack has said a lot of things in a lot of tweets. let’s know what the whole matter is.

What did Jack Dorsey write?

jack dorsey wrote, “recently i tried to take a break from twitter, but i must say that the company has always tried to give its best in the information it has. whatever decisions were taken were my responsibility. if we were wrong or were doing wrong so far, we would accept it and correct it.”

he added, “keep doing this work means you’re in the arena. whatever has been said doesn’t matter anymore. what matters is how the service works and acts and how soon it can be learned and improved. my biggest failure has been the hasty part. i am sure at least this part has been mentioned and it will be corrected.”

“it would also be wrong that an individual or a company should take up this responsibility. as i have said before, i don’t believe in any permanent ban (except for legal activity). so we need a protocol that can reseal the layer above.”

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