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Txunamy is a gifted, young, and adorable Instagram celebrity who has global fame. The Young Star gained notoriety by sharing fashion-related posts, images, and videos on their own Instagram accounts. She has accumulated a sizable number of views and followers as a result on the platform.

Txunamy then had the opportunity to work as a kid actress. She has, in fact, appeared in Chicken Girls and Mani, two well-known Brat web series, at such a young age. Her character in these two works was called Brittany. In addition, Txunamy gains fame for her appearance on the Familia Diamond Family YouTube channel. As a result, the Txunamy family as a whole is engaged in the online business and succeeding.

Txunamy Age and wiki

Txunamy, who was born on March 23, 2009, will be 13 years old in 2022. She was raised in an affluent Californian family where she was born and raised. Her real name is Ortiz Txunamy.

She is currently attending May Ranch Elementary School in California, United States, to complete her high school education.

She enjoys filming herself and sharing it on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. When she was just five years old, her mother began posting images of her on her Instagram account.

Dimensions and appearance

Txunamy weighs 43 kg and stands at a height of roughly 4 feet, 8 inches. Txunamy’s physical dimensions are 26-18-26 inches. Regarding her appearance, she has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Txunamy Family

Esthalla Ortiz is Txunamy’s mother, and Sdiezzel Ortiz is her father. Her mother often manages Txunamy’s whole social media presence, including all business transactions. As a result, her mother has a significant impact on the overall outcome. Her father also contributes to the family’s YouTube channel and has a job.

In addition, Txunamy has two brothers named Diezel Ortiz and Ranger Ortiz, as well as a sister named Solage Ortiz. Solage Ortiz and Diezel Ortiz are well-known Instagram users with a sizable following. Ranger, however, accomplishes nothing because he is just two years old.

Boyfriend/Dating Txunamy

As of right moment, Txunamy is not in a relationship. Why? because she is too young and lacks the maturity needed for a partnership. She will eventually be in a relationship with a special person, nevertheless, as evidenced by her lovely demeanour and her successful work.

Net worth of Txunamy

As of 2022, Txunamy’s net worth was about $1 million. It is more than sufficient for a teenager to make this enormous sum of money at this young age. This level of net worth is not common among professionals in the United States. With this money, she may easily purchase dolls for herself or anything else she desires.

The astounding aspect to talk about is that she earns every penny via her Instagram account, which has more than 4 million followers. She had covered a variety of topics in addition to fashion. Txunamy is additionally active on Youtube with both her channel and the Family Channel. Therefore, the ad revenue also contributes a considerable amount of money.

Young adulthood and career

Txunami began her professional career with Musical.ly, where she produced a variety of videos. Surprisingly, when that platform shut down for unknown reasons, she gained more than 3 million fans there.

Following that, Txunami’s mother opened an Instagram account for her in 2014, where she posted stuff of a fashion-related kind. Txunamy quickly amassed a sizable following on Instagram during the initial period because to Musical.ly’s popularity. Her Instagram journey then changed for the better. She currently has more than 4 million fans.

Txunamy was given the chance to collaborate with well-known businesses and services by advertising them because to her popularity on Instagram. She also worked concurrently as an actress in brat web programmes like Chicken Girls and Mani.

Along with her personal YouTube account, she also started working on her family’s channel. She is also making an enormous amount of money from there.

Txunamy’s only remaining goal in life is to establish herself as a well-known actress and social media personality. She is putting more effort into honing her skills because of this.

Information on Txunamy

  • Lexy Kolker values her friendship with Txunamy.
  • Her favourite colour is blue.
  • She loves animals a much.
  • Her favourite vacation spot is Disneyland.
  • She loves Angelina Jolie as an actress.
  • She loves Will Smith as an actor.

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