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Virginia Bocelli is the talented daughter of the amazing Italian opera tenor and multi-instrumentalist Andrea Bocelli. She is the next big thing in the music industry. In particular, she went with her dad on the rest of his North American leg of his new world tour.

Since she was young, she has been getting better at music. In particular, she went to her father’s streamed show and sang close to him. She also sang at the White House for the US President and Jill Biden in December 2021.

Virginia Bocelli has been performing in front of a lot of people who are close to her father. His father lost his eyesight at a very young age, and some people think that Virginia Bocelli also can’t see. But this isn’t true because she is firm in her beliefs. Andrea Bocelli posted a great video of them singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at the White House in December 2021 on his Instagram account.

Andrea Bocelli is a well-known Italian opera tenor and multi-instrumentalist. Since 1982, when he started recording in his own studio, he has made 15 albums of popular and old-style music, which have sold more than 77 million copies around the world. He has three kids from two different women.

Enrica Cenzatti was his first wife. They got married on June 27, 1992. They had their first child, Amos, in February 1995. On October 8, 1997, they welcomed their youngest child, Matteo. But he broke up with his first wife in 2002, and on March 22, 2012, he married his manager, Veronica Berti.

Virginia Bocelli was born on March 21, 2012, to parents Veronica Berti and Andrea Bocelli. She is nine years old this year. Also, her older brother Matteo Bocelli came when he was 25 years old.

Matteo Bocelli lives in Versilia with his mother, Enrica Cenzatti. Virginia lives in Forte Dei Marmi with her mother, Veronica Berti. But the two siblings are working on their music careers with their father. Matteo sang “O Holy Night” with his father at the White House, and Virginia performed “Hallelujah” with her father.

Virginia Bocelli Age & Date of birth

Virginia Bocelli is only ten years old, but she is already a well-known singer. She became famous not only for her singing, but also for how smart and pretty she was.

She was also born on March 21, 2012, which makes her 10 years old as of 2022. She was also born in Forte di Miami, which is in the United States. Because of this, she is an American citizen and a Christian.

Personal Life and Family of Virginia

Virginia was born in Forte di Miami, Italy, on March 21, 2012. But her parents bought a second home in Miami, Florida, so she and her parents moved to the United States in October 2013.

Her father is the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, and her mother is the actress Veronica Berti.

Virginia is also close to her stepmother, Enrica Cenzatti, and to her stepbrothers.

Amos Bocelli, her older brother, is a successful music philosopher and a member of the board of directors of Almud Edizioni Musicali. Matteo Bocelli is her other brother. Like their father, he is a tenor and a musician.

Virginia is a smart young girl who likes gymnastics. On her Instagram, Veronica posted pictures of Virginia doing gymnastics. Virginia doesn’t have a social media account of her own, but her parents post a lot about her on Instagram.

Virginia’s famous father taught her how to sing, as well as how to do gymnastics. She sings duets with her father all the time. They sang Hallelujah together at the Teatro Regio di Parma not too long ago.


About the schools that Virginia is going to for her education, not much is known. They are, however, living in Miami. So, she could be going to school in the United States.


Virginia is still a kid, so nothing is set in stone about her future.

But it looks like she likes music and singing, just like her dad. She and her father have sung a lot of duets together. In 2020, she even took the stage with her father.

So, it looks like she might follow in the footsteps of her father and second older brother and work in the music business.

Awards and achievements

Virginia sang a live duet with her father at the Believe In Christmas event in December of last year. This happened at the Teatro Regio di Parma.

Virginia also took part in the UISP National Championship this year, where she won first place in the free body category with her gymnastics skills.

Some Interesting Information

  • Virginia Bocelli is famous because she is the daughter of the famous American actress and musician Veronica Berti and the famous Italian singer and songwriter Andrea Bocelli.
  • In the year 2020, she is exactly 8 years old.
  • She was born in 2012, but we don’t know when each year she celebrates her birthday.
  • She is too young to use social media sites like Instagram right now, so she doesn’t have any.
  • Virginia has, however, been seen in many pictures on both her mother’s and father’s Instagram accounts.
  • She is the only daughter her parents are known to have. So, she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters at the moment.
  • Her grandparents are Alessandro Bocelli, Edi Bocelli, Elena Brunelli, and Ivano Berti.
  • Alberto Bocelli is the name of one of her uncles.
  • Virginia is still too young to start her own career, and she has a long way to go before she reaches her full potential.
  • She is probably finishing school in the United States right now.

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