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American singer, musician, entrepreneur, model, social media celebrity, and Internet phenomenon Yung Miami (real name: Caresha Romeka Brownlee) is well-known worldwide. She is well-known for being a member of the American hip-hop combo “City Girls.”

Yung Miami and JT, two well-known vocalists, make up City Girls (Jatavia Shakara Johnson). The two have performed live events and recorded a number of well-known tunes. They have a number of tunes, including Where the Bag At, JT First Day Out, You Tried It, and others. She just released a song called “Twerkulator,” and the public reacted well to it.

In addition to this, Yung is also recognized for her controversies. She tweeted that she would beat her kid if he had “Gay” characteristics. Miami subsequently had to apologize for her comments, which had harmed the LGBTQ+ community’s feelings. Additionally, she made headlines in 2015 after being assaulted by her boyfriend Jai Wiggins. Keep reading to learn more about Yung Miami, including his wiki, bio, age, family, relationships, height, and songs.

Yung Miami Age

Caresha Romeka Brownlee is Yung Miami’s birth name. Her birth took place on February 11, 1994. She was born and raised in Opa-Locka, Miami, Florida.

She is presently 28 years old, and Aquarius is her astrological sign. Her mother is now incarcerated and is scheduled for parole in 2021.

Her father has likewise spent time in jail or prison. Furthermore, Yung’s father gifted her one of his automobiles when she was 14 years old. She also has a sister and a brother, although their names are not given.

Trina also serves as her godmother. Through shared friends, Yung and Jatavia Shakara Johnson aka JT became friends.

They both went to Miami Gardens, Florida’s “Carol City Middle School.” As a result, they became close and started going to Miami’s adolescent clubs together.

Profession and Daily Life

Rapper Yung gained notoriety as a member of the group “City Girls,” a rap duet. So, in August 2017, “City Girls” recorded their first studio song, “Fuck Dat Nigga.”

Additionally, they advertised it on social media and at clubs. The song was also featured in Quality Control Music’s compilation album “Control the Streets Volume 1” later that same year.

The pair also released their first studio album, titled “Period,” in May 2018. In November 2018, they released their second album, named “Girl Code.” Additionally, it includes the musicians Cardi B, Lil Baby, and Jacquees.

They made cameo appearances on Drake’s song “In My Feelings” as well. Then, in August 2018, they published the documentary “Point Blank Period.”

Their album “Girl Code” debuted on the Billboard 200 at position 63 in November 2018. Additionally, the group and Cardi B released the “Twerk” music video on January 16, 2019.

JT wasn’t in the video at the time; instead, Yung and Cardi B were. The song has climbed to position 29 on the Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, in less than two weeks, the music video earned over 36 million views.

The City Girls also challenged ladies to upload recordings of themselves twerking for the song video.

The top 20 dancers were then transported to Miami for the music video shoot, where DHQUEEN, the winning dancer, received a prize of $25,000. Since JT’s release, “You Tried It,” a new lyric video by “City Girls” was made available on November 27, 2019.

Additionally, the song received over a million views in a single week.


Yung described many incidents in 2015 when Wiggins reportedly hit her and hurled profanities at her.

In October 2015, Jai Wiggins reportedly dragged Yung out of a vehicle and attacked her repeatedly in the face and head. This was the most recent and most brutal incident.

The rapper alleges that after the incident, police were summoned, and she was taken to the hospital with face injuries. She suffered wounds to her lips and face in addition to an eye contusion.

She then received a long-term restraining order against Wiggins. That obliged him to keep a 500-yard distance from her and to go to a domestic violence prevention program. Additionally, Yung was granted exclusive custody of her kid.

In addition, Yung was shot on August 6, 2019, when she was leaving a Miami recording studio.

The shooting therefore occurs after rapper Kodak Black, Yung’s ex, released a song from a prison cell in which he mentions Yung being pregnant with another rapper’s kid.

Fortunately, neither she nor the unborn kid suffered any harm. But gunshots struck her automobile, causing damage.

Relationship Status: Boyfriend and husband

Jai Malik Wiggins, Jr. is the name of the son Yung had with her ex-boyfriend Jai Wiggins. After Jai attacked Yung and engaged in other acts of domestic abuse, the couple separated.

In 2020, Jai Wiggins was fatally shot. She began dating Southside’s Joshua Howard Luellen in December 2018.

Later in December, when Southside purchased Yung a brand-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the two reconciled. On June 11, 2019, she further made her pregnancy public on Instagram.

And she gave birth to her daughter Summer Miami Luellen on October 17, 2019.

This well-liked and gifted rapper undoubtedly makes a sizable income. As of 2021, she has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Unknown Facts About Yung Miami

  • Through her social media pages, Yung advertises a variety of branded items.
  • She has an agreement in place with “Fashion Nova.”
  • Yung sold a variety of goods.
  • She is a passionate hookah enthusiast, based on her social media accounts.
  • Miami enjoys going out with her pals and attending parties.
  • Yung Miami enjoys smoking hookah.
  • In her free time, she often goes rafting.
  • She enjoys traveling, and she takes her family to lovely towns and nations.
  • With her kids, the well-known singer observes Christmas and New Year’s.
  • Yung Miami like going rafting.
  • She has an incredible assortment of purses. She always favors to purchase stylish, branded purses.
  • On February 12, 2021, she published her first post on her Instagram account.
  • Yung Miami developed a necklace with her name since she enjoys wearing diamond necklaces.


Who is Yung Miami, first?

Singer, musician, and social media star, Yung Miami is well-known. Yung Miami was born on February 11th, 1994, and is now 28 years old.

How much money is Yung Miami worth?

Yung Miami is a singer, musician, and social media celebrity with a $2 million net worth. On February 11, 1994, Yung Miami was born.

How much does Yung Miami weigh?

The popular singer, musician, and social media star Yung Miami weighs 55 kilograms. From the aforementioned article, learn more about Yung Miami.

What is Yung Miami’s height?

Yung Miami is a 160 cm tall singer, musician, and social media celebrity.

What is Yung Miami’s age?

On February 11, 1994, Yung Miami was born. 28 years old is Yung Miami.

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