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Fans have suggested that Rojean Kar may have been the cause of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s recent breakup. They parted ways on October 2. Prior to it, they dated for two years. After many arguments, there was a separation. They have a kid, who they are currently co-parenting. Neither of them has publicly discussed the breakup. The American rapper has so far refuted several infidelity accusations. They were reportedly involved, according to multiple accounts. The claims have not, however, been confirmed as of yet. The rapper and the 27-year-old Los Angeles-based model had long been rumored to be together. Both of them have said that there is nothing more to their connection than rumors. There are several stories that also imply that the rumors are not as simple as they seem. After she posted a photo of a gambling machine on Instagram, there were many rumors. According to reports, Travis was there at the same time. This further fueled the couple’s dating speculations. How significant a part she played in the divorce is unknown to us. She may have been the only factor in their breakup, according to fan speculation. Regarding Kar, there isn’t a lot of information accessible. She prefers to have a very discreet life and work. We have gathered some of the model’s information here. We will also go further into the alleged connection here.

On Instagram, Rojean Kar is well-liked. She may be found under the username “Yungsweetro.” More than 190k people follow her there.

Yungsweetro Age

Travis Scott’s rumored girlfriend is presently 27 years old and was born in 1992. Her precise birthdate is kept a secret.


Rojean Kar is an American model and social media influencer best known by her online alias Yungsweetro. She has recently attracted media attention due to her reported liaison with musician Travis Scott, who was dating reality TV personality and businesswoman Kylie Jenner. About her family and childhood, nothing is known. She began posting on Instagram in January 2011 and quickly gained some notoriety there as a model. The followers learned that Jenner had banned Kar on Instagram in March 2019. Scott apparently got into a disagreement with Jenner at this time, and he stopped using the social networking site. The model made her account private in September. She has now made it public, however. She stated the rumors about the romance were untrue in a few Instagram postings that have since been removed. Later, Scott added a like remark.

Increased Fame

Her Instagram account’s first image was published on January 8, 2011. On December 5, she uploaded a picture of an Xbox controller as her next file. She uploaded a Jewel quote, a picture of one of her organic chemistry papers, and a collage of pictures of her dog throughout the course of the next several months. As she steadily established herself as an Instagram model in the coming years, her profile attracted a modest amount of attention.
Her page grew quickly once the rumors of her romance with Scott began to spread. Currently, it has about 200 thousand followers, and tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments are left on each of her postings. “Not a suitable tea pusher,” states her bio on the app.

Mistress of Travis Scott

Most people are familiar with her as American rapper Travis Scott’s mistress. Their connection has not yet been established. Fan theory, though, suggests that the couple may be dating covertly. The pair has been associated since 2013. Has, Kylie recently banned the model on Instagram. This has further shown the possibility of a committed relationship. Kar also made her Instagram private in September of this year. She has refuted allegations linking her to the American rapper. On top of that, she said on Instagram that “none of these allegations are genuine, it’s just the internet fabricating a false narrative.” The claims have also been refuted by a close friend of the artist. We have not yet learned if they previously had a fling. If there are any updates on their relationship in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Relationships and dating

Since 2013, Rojean Kar and Travis Scott have been seen together. It implies that the two have been friends for a very long time.

One of the alleged causes of Travis and Kylie’s breakup is the 27-year-old. Evidently, she posted pictures of herself and Travis in the same places. She may be seen in other photos carrying Travis’s clothing and shoes.

However, back in March 2019, when Kylie and Travis Scott were allegedly at odds, Kylie disabled Rojean from Instagram.


Kar is said to be of Southwest Asian ancestry since her homeland is an Arab one.

What is Rojean Kar’s 2022 Net Worth?

This Arabian beauty seems to come from a wealthy family, speaking of her wealth. Although her before and after cosmetic surgery photos aren’t online, it seems that she has had surgery.

According to estimates, Rojean Kar’s net worth in 2019 ranges from $100,000 to $1 million. On Instagram, she often flaunts her pricey watches and limited-edition handbags. Her exact net worth is now being examined.

About Rojean Kar on Wiki

  • 1992 was the year of her birth. Her exact birthdate is unknown.
  • Arab-American is the nationality of Rojean Kar.
  • Here is a link to her Instagram.
  • While Travis Scott was still allegedly seeing Kylie Jenner, Rojean Kar was said to be seeing Travis Scott.

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