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English youtuber Elz the Witch specializes in witchcraft and paganism but also dabbles with the shadowy occult in his videos. She has a tiny but devoted fan base that admires her genuineness and practical approach to her issues.

Elz is one of the few openly homosexual and pagan YouTubers, and she utilises her platform to try and support other people who might be having identity issues. She frequently protests prejudice and is an advocate for social justice and equality.

Elz is a licensed witch with more than ten years of experience. She has authored several books on the subject and is a member of the British Traditional Witchcraft Society. The Work of Shadows, her most recent book, will be available later this year.

Elz is a generous and kind guy who never hesitates to lend a hand. She would make the ideal conversation partner if you wanted to discuss paganism or witchcraft. Youtuber Elz the Witch’s Age in 2022: What is Known.

Elz the Witch’s age, height, and weight

Elz the Witch’s height is what? She is 1.6 m tall, or 5 feet, 3 inches, when standing. She weighs 115 pounds, or 52 kg, on a body-weight basis. She has a lean physique. Her physique is 34-24-35 inches in size. 34A is her bra size. Her eyes have a dark brown tone. Her hair is dark in tone. Her clothing size is 2 and her shoe size is 7 (US) (US). She is straight in her sexuality.

She was born in England on October 8, 1991. As of the year 2022, she will be 30. She is of mixed heritage and has British nationality.

Name of Elz the Witch’s Boyfriend

Elz the Witch is not in a relationship right now and is single. She doesn’t have time for love because she is too preoccupied with her magical studies. She still has faith that she will eventually meet her true love, though. She loves spending time with her friends and family in the interim, as well as working on her magic.

Career of Elz the Witch

People who thought Elz did not look like a gamer told her that she started playing when she was 8 years old. In December 2018, she launched her YouTube channel and started posting gaming videos frequently.

For her Let’s Plays and playthroughs with commentary for a range of games, such as The Sims and Fortnite, Elz has become incredibly well-known on YouTube. elzthewitch’s Instagram account has more than 80,000 followers. Additionally, she has more than 50,000 followers on her elzthewitch Instagram account.

Occupational Life

Elz works as a social media influencer professionally. She is well-known on Instagram in addition to being a YouTuber. Her YouTube channel @Elz the Witch has helped her gain popularity. She posts videos of herself playing video games, baking, reacting, and much more.

Tatyanah’s distinctive style has aided in her rise to fame on social media.

She signed up on May 12, 2018, to YouTube. More than 128K subscribers and 9,390,561 views have been accumulated by her. Similar to this, she has made gaming videos on YouTube while playing a variety of entertaining games. Since she was eight years old, she has played video games.

She began playing video games when she was 8 years old, and after years of hearing that she didn’t look like a gamer, she formed a YouTube channel where she now broadcasts her gaming to the globe.

She is a rising sensation on social media who became well-known for her Elz the Witch YouTube channel. For her Let’s Plays and playthroughs with commentary for a range of games, such as The Sims and Fortnite, she has amassed enormous fame.

In December 2018, she started frequently uploading gaming videos on YouTube. She has worked with KSI on her YouTube channel.

Similarly, on December 13, 2018, she published her debut video. She had 9k views for the video.

WELCOME TO MY GAMING CHANNEL! – INTRO is the title of the video. Making a Fall Guys Cake with Bazinga is her most popular video! which received 44k likes and 1.1 million views. She also creates video blogs.

Individual Life

Elz may or may not be in a romantic relationship at this time, according to unverified evidence. It’s possible that Tatyanah is preserving her privacy by keeping her romantic relationships and relationship status private from the public.

It’s also possible that she is now unmarried and is more concerned with advancing her career.

She hasn’t revealed much information about this matter, though. Additionally, she has not published any social media updates that would reveal her active relationships or affairs.

She also has a spotless public record, free of rumours, scandals, and controversies that can jeopardise her professional and personal lives.

She will undoubtedly win over many admirers in the future thanks to her charm, ability, and attractiveness.

FAQs about Elz the Witch

How does Elz operate on YouTube?

Elz’s YouTube channel primarily contains gaming-related videos. This includes playthroughs with commentary for games like The Sims and Fortnite as well as Let’s Plays.

How well-known on Instagram is Elz?

On Instagram, Elz has amassed over 80,000 followers under the name elzthewitch.

Who else is renowned for Elz?

Elz is also well recognized for being a very well-liked YouTube gamer and Let’s Player. She has a sizable fan base thanks to her charming demeanor and humorous commentary.

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