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One of the growing stars in the Instagram community is Dj Livia. One of the viral and growing talents, Dj Livia’s popularity has soared to over 343,000 followers. Dj Livia has what it takes to rule the social media world, so don’t mistake her for just another Instagram celebrity. It makes sense that Dj Livia’s fan base is growing steadily.

We have covered every piece of knowledge there is regarding Dj Livia in this article. Dj Livia’s birthdate, family, academic background, love interests, and wealth have all been discussed. Keep reading to the end.

For what is Dj Livia renowned?

American DJ Dj Livia is 15 years old. Due to her DJ music, which she posts on her Instagram account, iamdjlivia, Dj Livia gained popularity and attention. She is a Bgirl and DJ who rose to fame with her brothers as a part of The Chi-Town Finest Breakers, also known as The Monster Kids.

Additionally, Dj Livia initially joined Instagram for fun and to follow a trend, but little did she expect that she would wind up with more than 343,000 followers on Instagram alone.

DJ Livia Age

On June 23, 2007, Dj Livia was born in Chicago, Illinois. Dj Livia and her brothers gained notoriety as The Chi-Town Finest Breakers, sometimes referred to as The Monster Kids.

Early Years and Family of Dj Livia:

DJ Henry Borjas and Saidy Borjas, managers of children’s programmes, are DJ Livia’s parents.

Her father had taught her and her brothers how to dance before they became well-known. American-born Dj Livia was raised there. According to her Facebook profile, she is half Mexican and half Filipina.

Dj Livia Learning

We are now pierced for details regarding his academic background and degree. Additionally, we’ll update this site as soon as we learn anything trustworthy about it.

DJ Livia Symbols

Since Dj Livia was born on June 23, 2007, she is 15 years old. Additionally, she was born under the astrological sign of Cancer.

Physical data about Dj Livia:

Sadly, we lack accurate information regarding Dj Livia’s height and weight. They are both unaware of her body size, shoe size, eye colour, or hair and eye colour.

Career of DJ Livia: At the age of seven, DJ Livia, a self-described “Hip Hop DJ,” started fusing and combining rhythms. She is a part of the “Monster Kids,” a dancing group that includes her five older brothers and is referred to as “Chi-Town Finest Breakers.”

Among other programmes, she has appeared on America’s Got Talent, Extra, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Additionally, she served as Sarah Hyland’s DJ on Lip Sync Battles on Spike TV.

Livia Borjas learned to mix from her father Henry Borjas, who also created “Monster Kids.” Bgirl Livia, Bgirl Spinderella, Bboy E-Fresh, Bboy Ozzy, Bboy Turbo, and Bgirl are all members of the group.

She frequently posts professional photos and selfies with A-listers like DJ Khaled and Drake on her Instagram account.

Livia also got to know Kim Kardashian on June 2, 2018, when she appeared at North and Penelope’s joint birthday celebration. Kim and Livia took a selfie while Kim posted a declaration of love for Livia on Instagram.

Livia tweeted a video of herself mixing songs from Kanye’s new album “Ye,” which Kanye published on Twitter on June 5th, after performing at North and Penelope’s joint birthday celebrations. At the birthday celebration, Kanye and Livia also posed for a picture.

DJ Livia and the Monster Kids were dubbed “the coolest family in the world” by Simon Cowell after appearing on America’s Got Talent in 2016 as contestants. DJ Livia made a special appearance on The Ellen Show when she was just eight years old.

She has additionally made appearances on shows like Extra, America’s Got Talent, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She also appeared in the film Target Trolls.

Relationship status of Dj Livia:

Rapper Dj Livia is well-known for being. She is a young child, thus our database indicates that she is single. Additionally, she is only 14 years old.

Dj Livia’s Social Presence: Dj Livia is a well-known rapper whose rapping style is admired by thousands of Instagram users. Additionally, Livia is highly renowned for her beautiful photography and has more than 370k followers on her @imdjlivia account on Instagram.

Net worth of DJ Livia:

A person’s or a company’s net worth is the sum of all of their assets. In other words, your net worth is your financial standing. Dj Livia’s net worth is calculated as the total value of all of her various assets.

As a result, you’ve undoubtedly been hearing a lot about Dj Livia lately and want to know how rich she is. If such is the case, you can find the information you need on our website.

The estimated value of Dj Livia’s net worth exceeds $2 million. She has accumulated a large amount of riches thanks to her significant profession as a popular rapper. Even still, it’s a considerable amount of money for a 14-year-old girl.

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