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In addition to being the founder and creative director of his company Raymond Nicolas, Raymond Jimenez is a tenacious businessman and well-respected interior designer. He is about to make his television debut in Netflix’s first interior design programme, “Designing Miami,” which chronicles the lives of Miami interior designers as they travel the city and transform South Florida homes from drab to fab.

It’s going to be a fun unscripted reality TV show; let’s get to know the primary cast a little more. This show shows how designers balance the needs of their wealthy clientele with their staff’s performance.

How Old is Ray Jimenez? – Age and Birthday

The year 2022 finds Ray in his late 20s or early 30s. His exact age, date of birth, birthday, and zodiac sign are unknown despite the fact that he was born and raised in the United States of America.

Jimenez sisters, Ray and Eilyn

For more than three years, Raya and his wife Eilyn Jimenez have been wed. In addition to co-starring in Designing Miami on Netflix, they tied the knot in October 2019.


Raymond was very clear about his career choices from the beginning; he was interested in the arts and completely focused on it; he was drawn to fashion but always kept it as a hobby. Surprisingly, he landed his first job in the high-end fashion industry, working as a Sales Associate for the renowned brand “Guess” for two years, increasing the sales activities of the brand and frequently exceeding his set goals; he was quickly promoted to Visual Designer. However, he was not happy with what he was doing because he understood that his interest and affection were elsewhere.

While still a college student, Ray was offered a job at Domus Design Studio in 2007. He began by working as a drafter for kitchen cabinet designs; it wasn’t much, but he was happy with the experience, and his first boss, who is now a long-time client, taught him everything there was to know about the business. Raymond learned how to make a kitchen beautiful and functional, and he gradually advanced to bathrooms and commercial offices as well.

Since this employment helped him identify his actual interest, Raymond would always be grateful for it. He immediately started accumulating as much experience as he could. As soon as Raymond graduated from college, he began working as an intern for TSAO Design Group. After working there for nine months, he felt that he had no future there and decided to leave and pursue other opportunities. Jimenez then started working for a different organisation.

At Miami’s Avant Design Group, a high-end residential design company, Raymond was engaged on a full-time basis as a product manager and interior designer. Even yet, he believed that there was no room for him to advance within the organisation and was dissatisfied with his position.

It was here that Jimenez mastered and nurtured his passion for high-end private residential and commercial design. This is what he had been waiting for all those years. Eight months later, at the age of 23, Jimenez founded and became co-owner of an interdisciplinary recognised interior design and architecture studio, RS3; after investing 12 years of his life into this business, he took the risk of venturing out and came up with his very own company.

Raymond has managed to integrate all the things he loves into one large firm; his clients can now live, use, and wear his brand. This might be the first company to ever combine architectural, interior design, and fashion services all under one roof.

Information Regarding Ray Jimenez’s Education Ray achieved high school graduation with honours and might have continued on to enrol in college. He can be a graduate or have a diploma in a field linked to design.

Dating & Marriage

Raymond Jimenez is married to the stunning Eilyn Jimenez, who is also an interior designer and the proprietor of Sire Design. The two met at an Art Basel and became friends over their shared love of fashion, design, and style. Despite having very different personalities, they manage to complement one another and have been there to support one another in all of their endeavours. The couple got married on October 17, 2019, and they also share another common interest.

They are fortunate to be in it together because they like each other’s company and make for enjoyable coworkers. They are seen together on the show “Designing Miami.”

young life

In Maimi, Florida, on November 17, 1982, Raymond Nicolas Jimenez, also known as Raymond Jimenez, was born to his mother Paula Caraballo. For as long as he can remember, art has been a part of his life; ever since he was in elementary school, when he started sketching cartoons and even portraits of his family members. As time went on, his interest shifted to fashion, and he would find himself ripping up jeans and tagging book bags.

Even so, he never desired a profession that was out of date. This interest was passed down to Raymond by his mother, who immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic and made a living by shipping and packing used clothing to other countries. Raymond grew up watching his mother work until 2 or 3 in the morning to ship and pack clothing in order to provide for the family. He gives credit to his mother, who helped shape who he is today.

As Ray entered high school, he started to get interested in architecture since it allowed him to combine his love of fashion and design with a vocation. After graduating from high school, he began taking classes at Miami International University of Art & Design, where he eventually discovered interior design. He later majored in Bachelor of Fine Art, Interior Design at The Art Institutes, where he began his long and successful journey to become one of the top interior designers in Miami.

Question and Answer session with Raymond Jimenez

What age is Raymond Jimenez?


Describe the programme Raymond Jimenez is in.

the design of Miami.

Which height does Raymond Jimenez have?

Ans: 5’9″

What is the wealth of Raymond Jimenez?

2.98 USD is the answer.

Are you on Instagram, Raymond Jimenez?

Yes (rayjimenez_), to which.

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