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When Jeffrey Dahmer went on a killing spree between 1978 and 1991, murdering 17 boys and men and physically abusing them, Glenda Cleveland, an American lady and the serial killer’s neighbour, was the first to call the police.

His arrest took place in July 1991. He was found guilty in 1992 and sentenced to death on several counts of first-degree murder. But when he was inside completing his term, he was murdered by another prisoner.

The online series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tale,” which debuted on Netflix on September 21, 2022, is telling the story of his life, and Niecy Nash, who won an Emmy, is portraying Glenda Cleveland.

Glenda Cleveland Age, Bio, and Wiki (DOB, Profession, Religion, Zodiac Sign, Education)

Glenda was born in the United States in the year 1954. She passed away on December 24, 2010, alone in her apartment, at the age of 56 from heart disease and excessive blood pressure. We don’t know her zodiac sign or her preferred religion. Her educational background and professional credentials are also absent.

Kin siblings and parents of Glenda Cleveland

There are no specifics on Cleveland’s family history, such as the names of her parents or siblings or their occupations.

Although it is unclear if Cleveland was married or not, she undoubtedly had a daughter called Sandra Smith who is said to have seen a nude and bloodied kid fleeing Jeffrey’s home and informed her mother of the incident. She and her daughter had resided in the Oxford Apartments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and she was one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbours.

Glenda Cleveland Size and Weight

Cleveland’s height and weight are not known at this time.

Glenda Cleveland ethnicity and nationality

Cleveland was of American descent, although it is unknown what race she belonged to.

Glenda Cleveland’s Net Worth Prior to her death, it is unknown what she was worth.

Glenda Cleveland notified the police about Jeffrey Dahmer

After her daughter and niece allegedly informed her about a bleeding nude youngster they saw fleeing from their neighbour Jeffrey’s home in May 1991, Cleveland reportedly made many calls to the police because she thought Jeffrey was suspect.

When confronted by Jeffrey, who claimed that the boy, later identified as 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone, was actually his 17-year-old boyfriend who was drunk at the time he ran from his house and that they were having some sort of personal dispute, the police, after repeatedly calling, finally arrived at the apartment but allegedly did not find anything suspicious.

She had previously told her landlord about strange sounds and odours emanating from his flat, so it wasn’t the first time she had been wary of him.

Cleveland attempted to get in touch with the police and even the FBI when Sinthasomphone vanished and the news of his absence was reported in publications, but in vain.

By doing this, the murderer was still able to escape capture for two further months, during which time he killed five other people until being apprehended in July 1991. Later, her role was recognised by the authorities, and Mayor John Norquist, the County Board, and the Common Council all gave her awards.

Glenda Cleveland’s Frequently Asked Questions:

Who was Glenda Cleveland?

The first person to call the police about serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer when he was on a killing spree between 1978 and 1991 was an American lady named Glenda Cleveland, who also happened to be Dahmer’s neighbour.

When did Glenda Cleveland pass away?

Ans: Cleveland died on December 24, 2010.

Glenda Cleveland was how old when she passed away?

Cleveland passed away at the age of 56.

How did Glenda Cleveland pass away?

Answer: Cleveland’s heart condition and excessive blood pressure caused her to die away when she was alone in her apartment.

What did Glenda Cleveland do?

Ans: When Cleveland’s daughter and niece allegedly told her about a bleeding nude child they saw escaping from their neighbour Jeffrey’s home, she reportedly contacted the authorities about Jeffrey’s strange conduct.

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