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Several fashion businesses are interested in Lily Kwong, a landscape designer and model, in order to make their products more environmentally friendly. She is presently 29 years old and resides in Brooklyn in the American city of New York.

Lily Kwong Age

In 1988, on May 29, Lily was born. She is Asian American and mixed-race. Her mother Kristene Kwong is of American origin, while her father Joe Kwong is of Chinese ancestry. This could be the cause of her striking beautiful looks. Lily, who was up in San Francisco, California, remembers developing a love of the outdoors at an early age. In addition to being an athlete, she founded her own nature club while she was in the first grade.

Lily played a total of 10 months a year at this period, in addition to playing in softball and volleyball competitions in her spare time. Following high school, Lily enrolled at Bard College. Later, she changed schools and eventually attended Columbia University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in urban studies in 2012. In addition, Lily has a background in economics and sociology.

Career of Lily Kwong

At the age of 19, she developed a modelling passion. A model agency discovered Lily when she was strolling through Lower Manhattan’s West Village. She worked as a studio assistant and a fit model for the following two years after completing her first year of college. She often exchanged trips between New York and Paris with her cousin Joseph Altuzzara, a fashion designer.

Lily was introduced to the Island Planning Corporation by a graduate student she taught at Columbia University. She then started working with the LVMH Miami Design District as a project designer. While employed there, she renewed her love of plants and the outdoors while learning about sustainable design from horticulturists in South Florida and the New York Botanical Garden. Currently, she is the proprietor of Studio Lily Kwong, a landscape architecture firm (SLK). She utilises her love of the outdoors to inspire cultural events that unite people in a plant-based setting.

Private life

Nick Kroll, a former American actor, comedian, writer, and producer, recently wed Lily. She is now expecting their first child, and they were married on November 26, 2020. She began seeing him about 2018, and because of the publicity they generated, everyone mistakenly believed they were engaged. However, they didn’t really start dating until the 2020 pandemic.

Who is the husband of Lily Kwong?

In 2018, Lily Kwong wed American actor, voice actor, writer, comedian, and producer Nicholas Kroll. Their kid was born in January 2021. The couple met via the dating app Raya. In 2013, he began dating actress and comedian Amy Poehler; they split up in 2015.

Lily Kwong’s earnings

Lily’s drive and commitment allowed her to achieve a staggering $2 million in net worth. Her employment is her primary source of money. She has become quite well known and has a solid reputation as a result of the continual effort she has put into her profession. Lily may be found on Instagram with the handle @lily kwong and currently has 82.4k followers. Lily has around 3600 followers on Twitter, or three thousand six hundred twenty to be precise. @lilyscoutk is her handle on Twitter.

Info about Lily Kwong

  • Because of her ardent enthusiasm and propensity for outdoor exploration, her family dubbed her “Scout.”
  • She enjoys taking pictures and does yoga often.
  • She was on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018.
  • Adventure-loving Lily enjoys biking and hiking.
  • She pursued economics and sociology.

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