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From Michigan in the United States, IceWear Vezzo is a well-known artist, rapper, social media star, businessman, media personality, and online personality. He is well-known throughout the nation for having a pleasant voice. The majority of his songs are hits that the public adores.

Choppy Talk, Dog Action, 6 Up, Bishop, Clarity, Out Here, and many other songs were among his compositions. He has been employed in the music business for almost ten years. The audience adores his most recent CD, “Rich Off Pints,” which was just released.

Vezzo posted his music videos on his own YouTube channel, as well, I should mention. To learn more about IceWear Vezzo’s wiki, biography, age, family, net worth, ethnicity, songs, wife, children, and other details, keep reading this article.

Icewear Vezzo Age & Birth

Icewear Vezzo is a rapper that was born and raised in Detroit. On October 31st, 1989, he was born. He is a 32-year-old American rapper who set records. His The Clarity trilogy established him in the music business. The clarity, Moon Walken, and The city is mine are some of his well-received albums. He was a part of the little group Green Guys before going solo, and they produced some of their best work together. Later in 2012, he made the decision to work alone. Things went south after he was found guilty of a firearms crime in 2017. His admirers were in excruciating pain when he was given a two-year term. However, he released a full-length album titled Prince Goin Up before going to prison. When his future in the music business started to look less secure, he recovered and announced on October 31, his birthday, that he had signed with Motown Records. According to Forbes, Icewear Vezzo’s anticipated net worth in 2021 will be $1.5 Million. When Vezzo released “The Drunk God back Freestyle” in 2018, Hypebeast dubbed him “King of Contemporary Detroit Rap.” Even though Vezzo achieved great success in the music industry, he has remained close to his birthplace of Detroit and has started a number of local establishments, including restaurants and car washes.


After being given a 20-year prison term, IceWear Vezzo made headlines for days on end. He was found guilty of a felony gun charge in 2017 and received a 20-year prison term as a result.

He had already published a full-length record named Price Goin Up before surrendering to the authorities.

After being freed, IceWear appeared two years in a row at Detroit’s Hot 107.5 Summer Jamz event.

He has a history of drug sales in addition to this controversy. He even admitted that when he was just 13 years old, he used to make $1,000 every day selling marijuana out on the street.

Personal Life of IceWear Vezzo

Since October 23, 2016, IceWear Vezzo has been wed to Kaira Marie, his high school sweetheart. When they were still in high school, the pair began dating.

Slowly, IceWear and Kaira developed a strong affection and commitment to one another. And they brought their decision to pass.

After ten years of dating, IceWear and Kaira were able to have a wonderful wedding on October 23, 2016.

The couple had a lovely wedding ceremony because they had invited their family and friends and enjoyed it very much.

On occasion, the adorably charming couple would post a photo of themselves online.

Together, IceWear and Kaira have been blessed with two kids. Navy Smith, her older daughter, is about 4 years old.

Vito Smith is the couple’s other child.

IceWear Vezzo’s Net Worth

As of 2022, IceWear Vezzo’s projected net worth is $1 million. Through his musical career, he has amassed this enormous sum of money.

Other than that, his entire net worth in 2021 was roughly $700,000 USD. But as of right moment, he has increased his wealth this year by another $300,000.

He has a great deal of potential for personal growth. He has numerous sources of income.

But IceWear primarily earns money through his rap and hip-hop music. Along with these, he will also be earning a very large sum through paid advertising and brand promotions.

Additionally, the rapper has the opportunity to earn a respectable sum through endorsement deals.

IceWear Vezzo will make about $300,000 USD per year as of 2022. Due to his swift ascent, his annual pay may see a significant increase in the upcoming years.

Height and Weight

Since IceWear is not a bodybuilder, he lacks the six-pack physique. Nevertheless, he has maintained his superb health.

The musician is about 5 feet, 11 inches taller (180 cm or 1.8 cm) and roughly 80 kg or 176 lbs heavier than the average person.

IceWear has tattoos on his hands, arms, neck, and face. He has black eyes and black hair.

IceWear Vezzo FAQs

How can I contact IceWear Vezzo?

Vezzo is an American rapper, artist, and social media sensation.

What is the IceWear Vezzo’s age?

32 years old, Ans (as of 2021).

Who is the spouse of IceWear Vezzo?

Kiara Marie

Does IceWear Vezzo have kids?

Answer: Yes.

How much money does IceWear Vezzo have in the bank?

3–4 million US dollars, roughly.

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