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After a few episodes, Made in Chelsea introduced its viewers to Issy Francis-Baum, India Hoyenden, Willow Day, and Malek Amro. The series later returned for a five-episode special set on the beautiful island of Mallorca in 2022.

As a result, we dedicate the remainder of our writing time to writing only about Issy Francis-Baum.

Made in Chelsea’s Issy Francis-Baum

Made In Chelsea says that Issy Francis-Baum is accustomed to living life on the fast track, both professionally and in her own time, when she enjoys horseback riding and skiing on both snow and water.

At the conclusion of episode 2, it was also made clear that newcomer Malek had set Miles up on a blind date. And none other than Issy was that blind date.

Following this, Miles admitted his emotions for Emily Blackwell on the program, and she responded by expressing she would like to keep their relationship intact since she would not want to lose it.

Job Issy Francis-Baum

As of the time of this writing, Issy Francis-LinkedIn Baum’s page seems to have been taken down. However, even without it, one could tell that as of 2022, she was a model and a part-time student at a university pursuing a fashion degree. She achieved great success after joining a modeling agency in 2019.

Issy has been in advertisements in Times Square and in shops around the US for a number of well-known businesses. She most recently appeared in a Jet2 commercial as well.

Of course, Issy is also a well-known model on TikTok. She is completely used to this popularity, having amused 62.9K followers on the @issy.fb account as on August 27, 2022.

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, Issy has 111 posts and 19.9K followers on Instagram under the handle @issy.fbb. Her social media pages are filled with stunning selfies and pictures of her outings in and around London.

She does a bikini dance in her debut TikTok dance video to the song OUT WEST by JACK BOYS and Travis Scott (with Young Thug). The posting date is 2020.

Issy Francis-Baum, who are you?

Issy, a part-time student and model who was born and raised in London, joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in 2022 during the Mallorca season of the program. Issy enjoys living life on the go, both professionally and in her own time. She enjoys horseback riding and water and snow skiing.

Issy Francis-Baum Age

Only 20 years old, Issy. a real infant!

Does any member of the Made in Chelsea cast know Issy Francis-Baum?

Ruby and Rez are Issy’s followers and are well-known in Chelsea circles. She is also Instagram friends with Pete Wicks, a TOWIE and Celebs Go Dating star who is often in her likes.

Who Are the parents of Issy Francis-Baum?

Issy describes her mother as literally her closest friend in her TikTok videos, and she never gets tired of doing so.

Issy sometimes posts pictures of her family meals and other things on social media. She also made a passing reference to a sibling who just turned 14.

Issy Francis-position Baum’s described?

Issy is a model and part-time student. She is now pursuing a degree in fashion at the university. Issy’s career has exploded after joining a modeling agency at the end of 2019; she now works with several well-known companies and has been in ads in Times Square and retail locations around the US.

Issy Fancis-Baum, does she use TikTok?

She does, and she has over 60k followers, making her quite famous. Follow her on Twitter at @issy.fbb.

Issy Francis-Instagram Baum’s address is

Instagram user @issy.fbb is Issy.

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