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Jake Bongiovi is a New Jersey-born American social media personality and celebrity child. Jacob Hurley Bongiovi is his true first name. On social media, he is best known by the name Jake.

His father Jon Bon Jovi, a legendary musician, singer, and songwriter from Perth Amboy, New Jersey, is the reason for this persona’s fame. As of June 2021, he is also well-known for dating Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown (a famous Netflix series).

Jacob Bongiovi Age & Birth

On May 7, Jacob Bongiovi was born to his devoted parents. He was born in 2003, making his current age 19 at the time. He was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, together with his three siblings. John resembles his charming father Jon Bon Jovi in every way. Jake Bongiovi is his parents’ third child.

His remarkable personality is enhanced by the attraction of his beautiful blonde hair. John, a Taurus, enjoys being in a beautiful and loving environment. Taurus is an earth sign, thus he sometimes exhibits traits like being too cautious, conservative, realistic, and materialistic.

In Alabama, the United States, at J B Pennington High School, he finished his previous schooling. In 2020, he applied for admission to Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, to continue his studies.

He and his family were placed in quarantine in March 2020 because of his minor Covid-19 symptoms. He quickly healed after receiving treatment from a private physician.

Mr. Jake Bongiovi Life and Learning

He goes by Jacob Hurley Bongiovi in full. He was a member of Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi’s family at birth. Jake’s real birthday is May 7th. In the year 2002, he was born. He will be 19 years old as of 2021. Jake doesn’t like to talk much about his life, which gives the impression that he is a private person.

The developing emotion between Millie and Bongiovi has been circulating the internet for at least a few weeks. The couple still doesn’t appear to be able to provide such an explanation to support their connection, however.

Career of Jake Bongiovi

For the time being, nothing is known about Bongiovi’s career. Although he has said that he is an actor, he has yet to perform in a motion picture. In addition, Jake often promotes Hampton Waters, the company owned by his brother. It has an estimated $410 million in annual revenue.

Bongi played football for his high school and graduated from Pennington High School. On the social networking site Instagram, he has amassed more than 150,000 followers. Jake’s Instagram account doesn’t have many posts.

Personal Life of Jake Bongiovi

He and Millie Bobby Brown have been dating for approximately two months at this point. The pair began dating in April 2021, and they are now engaged. Jake is on many social networking sites, however he is not extremely active there.

Jon Bon Jovi, an American composer, producer, and philanthropist, is Jake’s father. He founded and is a key player in the Grammy-winning rock group Jon Bovi. Romeo, Jesse, and Stephanie Bongiovi are Jake’s siblings. The musician’s son’s actual net worth is unknown. However, a calculation indicates that it may range from $500,000 to $1 million. The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundations was established by Jon Bon Jovi.

Instagram presence

Jake often posts on Instagram as @jakebongiovi. His Instagram account has 17 posts and about 173+K followers. His first upload is a video featuring New Jersey senator Cory Booker on November 24, 2018, which has received more than 145K likes.

He appeared in his most recent post, which was published on June 17, 2021, dressed in a white striped T-shirt and stylish sunglasses. He may be seen marketing Hampton Water, the company of his brother Jesse.

15 Unknown Details About Jake Bongiovi

Jake enjoys driving, seeing places, and seeing new things.
Even more, he enjoys both taking and taking photos.
He has a nose piercing.
Jacob usually wore a pendant of Jesus on a chain, which shows his spiritual side.
He has a mole on the left side of his lip.
The worst period for Bongiovi’s family came when his sister Stephanie overdosed on drugs.
He also like dogs.
He likes having long hair.
Donald Hurley and Dorothy Pawlyk are his maternal grandparents.
According to the report, Jacob’s mother began training in karate at a very early age and even competed in many junior championships while still in school.
In his Pennington School that year, Jake collaborated with his buddy Rickey Eng to arrange a walkout.
John Francis Bongiovi Sr. and Carol Sharkey, two former Marines, are his paternal grandparents.
He is an actor, as his IG account profile indicates.
This well-known celebrity youngster seems to be a quiet individual who has not revealed much about his friends or personal life.
According to our investigation, Jake and Millie have been dating since April 2021.

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