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Joycelyn Savage is a controversial singer-want tobe from Atlanta, Georgia. She is an American. She claims that R. Kelly used her as a sex slave (American singer, songwriter, record producer, and former basketball player). Also, the singer invited Savage, who is 23 years old, backstage at a concert, where they met.

Back then, she was only 19 years old. In 2015, Kelly met Joycelyn at the store where her parents worked. Her parents, Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage, also said that the singer began to help Joycelyn.

She had just started going to college at the time. They thought it was just a business arrangement. But Joycelyn’s parents tried to get in touch with her at her college dorm in 2016. But they learned that she wasn’t going to college.

Tim and Jonjelyn Savage found out later that their daughter had moved in with the Kelly. Also, they tried to get Joycelyn Savage to keep going to school, but she wouldn’t.

A source said that their parents thought that the singer was holding their daughter against her will. They also said that R. Kelly had made Joycelyn do things she didn’t want to do. Later, to get their child back, they hired lawyers Gerald A. Griggs and Leif Howard.

But in an interview, Joycelyn Savage said that she feels safe and happy with the singer. She also told her family to stop looking for her because they were making her feel bad.

Joycelyn Savage Age & Birthday

Joycelyn Savage was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 22, 1995. She is now 27 years old. Joycelyn has the sign of the crab. Savage was also born into an African American family.

Joycelyn is a Christian from a religious point of view. In the same way, her father, Timothy Savage, gave birth to her. Jonjelyn Savage, her mother, and her. Her family also includes a younger sister.

But Savage has kept the name of her sister hidden from the media. When it comes to her education, Joycelyn went to school in her hometown and finished. She wasn’t interested in things like reading, though.

Savage’s interest in singing was always there. Later, R. Kelly began to help her develop her singing skills.

But over time, the singer and savage’s business relationship turned into something more personal, and the two started living together. So, Joycelyn quit going to college.

Height & Weight

Joycelyn is in pretty good shape and takes good care of her body. In addition, Joycelyn is 5 feet 7 inches tall. In the same way, she is slim and weighs about 55 kg (121 lb).

She is about 34-24-35 inches in height, width, and height. In the same way, she wears a size 33B bra cup and size 7 shoes. Savage also has a nice face. He has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Joycelyn Savage, Parents, and Education

Joycelyn, Kelly’s girlfriend, has graduated from high school and started college. However, she didn’t do well in school for a long time because she was dating Kelly, so she dropped out.

Joycelyn’s father is Timothy Savage, and her mother’s name is Jonjelyn Savage. She will also have a sister, but no one knows what her name is.

Status of Relationship

Joycelyn was dating the famous singer R. Kelly, according to the relationship status. In 2015, when Kelly was 19, she met Savage. Joycelyn was a big fan of Kelly.

During one of Kelly’s concerts, Joycelyn met him backstage. Kelly later began teaching Savage how to sing. But Joycelyn dropped out of college in 2016 and moved in with the singer.

Her parents tried to get her to stay in school, but Joycelyn didn’t listen to them. Also, Joycelyn’s parents said that Kelly turned their daughter against them.

In response, Joycelyn told everyone in an interview with “CBS This Morning” that she is happy and safe with Kelly. Also, Joycelyn was dating R. Kelly at the same time that Kelly was dating Azriel Clary.

In November 2019, Joycelyn summed up how sure she was that she could tell R Kelly the truth. She was also said to have been R. Kelly’s sex slave.

She wrote on Instagram that she needs to tell people something that she should have said a long time ago. Later, Joycelyn said that R Kelly hurt her every day.

Joycelyn Savage Facts

  • The aspiring singer was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on July 22, 1995. As of 2018, Joycelyn Savage is therefore 23 years old.
  • A friend says that Joycelyn’s dad told her to move in with the singer.
  • She also has a sister who is younger (name not available). In fact, Savage’s parents also tried to get her to go to the graduation for her siblings. But she said she wouldn’t come.
  • Her father, Timothy, had said before that she had Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Savage Mom said that the singer lives with many other young girls and has been using them as his sex slaves for years.
  • Joycelyn Savage is about 170 centimeters (5 Feet 7 Inches) tall, and she weighs about 55 Kilograms (121 Pounds).
  • R. Kelly has been accused of sexual misconduct in the past, which has caused a lot of controversy. In fact, he was also arrested on charges of sex with children.
  • Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage were also in the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary series.
  • Azriel Clary is another person the singer used to control. Clary, Kelly, and Savage are living in his Chicago home right now.

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