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Kieran Tamondong Mixed martial arts specialist Akieran Tamondong is an American actor. His latest Netflix miniseries, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, has piqued the curiosity of many viewers. On September 21, 2022, the programme debuts.

He was asked why he selected martial arts in an interview. For some reason, I simply felt like doing this sport, he said.

He had a passion for martial arts ever since he was a small child. On stage, the entertainer also goes by the moniker Ninjaman. Kieran has participated in NASKA and conventional karate competitions.

He is well recognised for his work in the films The Paper Tigers (2016), Little Big Shots (2016), and Warrior (2019). (2020).

Kieran Tamondong Age

Kieran Tamondong is now 20 years old. He throws a celebration on July 24, 2002, the year of his birth. The actor is probably going to succeed in the film industry since he is so skilled at mixed martial arts.

He was born in Los Angeles, California, and has consistently competed for the US Karate team, according to his biography on the Team USA website.

Kieran Tamondong Biography

The young karate player has competed five times for the US Junior squad and is honoured to represent the United States abroad. The actor began studying karate at Rising Sun Karate in Stevenson Ranch, California, when he was five years old.

Although nothing is known about the actor’s family, his name and look may be used to determine his origins. He seems Asian. He could be discussing his Japanese ancestry. Patrick is the name of his dad.

The fact that Kieran’s parents sacrificed so much so that their son could train and compete throughout the globe makes them his real-life role models. He is appreciative of his parents for helping him reach to this point.

Anouke Sinthasomphone’s younger brother was Konerak Sinthasomphone. He was gravely injured in 1991 by serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer.

One of the most well-known serial murderers in American history is the subject of the brand-new Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. It was published on September 21, 2022.

Konerak Sinthasomphone was a character in the Netflix series Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story that Kieran Tamondong portrayed. The Paper Tigers, Little Big Shots, and Warrior are films in which the actor has well-known roles.

At the time, Anouke Sinthasomphone was 27 years old. His mother is Somdy, and his father is Sounthone. There were five boys and three girls living in the home. Four boys were left in the family after Konerak’s death.

Because the communists had threatened to seize their rice plantation in a hamlet close to the capital Vientiane, they departed Laos in March 1979.

The elder children spoke fluent English and were already used to American culture. According to the New York Times, several of the family’s eldest offspring have worked as welders, machinists, or assembly line workers in the past.

11 Interesting Facts About Kieran Tamondong

  • American actor Kieran Tamondong is also skilled in mixed martial arts.
  • Since he was a very young child, he has liked martial arts.
  • Kieran will be 20 years old in 2022. He was created on June 24, 2022.
  • He also goes by the name Ninjaman.
  • Kieran has participated in both the NASKA and conventional Karate Tournament circuits.
  • He is also highly recognised for his performances in the movies Little Big Shots (2016), the paper tigers (2016), and Warrior (2019). (2020).
  • He was up in Los Angeles, California, and has long been a member of the US Karate team.
  • Randy Wood is where he first began his martial arts training. He practises the karate styles Shotokan, Shitoryu, and Gojuryu.
  • The actor will appear in an upcoming American limited biographical crime drama series.
  • Ryan Murphy and Ian Bernnan created it.
  • He plays the character of Kokonerak Sinthasomphone in the television series Dahmer’s.

Interesting Information About Kieran Tamondong

American actor and mixed martial artist Kieran Tamondong competes internationally. He had a keen interest in martial arts from an early age. In 2022, Kieran will be 20 years old. He was created on June 24, 2022. He also goes by the name Ninjaman. Kieran has participated in both the NASKA circuit and conventional karate tournaments.

He has also gained popularity as an actor owing to his parts in the films Little Big Shots (2016), Warrior (2019), and the paper tigers (2020). He is a long-time member of The US Karate team and was born in Los Angeles, California. Randy Wood was his first martial arts instructor, and he now practises Shotokan, Shitoryu, and Gojuryu, which are all varieties of Karate.

The actor’s most recent planned project is a limited-edition biographical crime drama series that he co-created with Ian Bernnan. He performs on the Kokonerak Sinthasomphone in the Dahmer’s series.

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