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Alia Marie Shelesh, better known online as SSSniperwolf, is a British-American gamer, YouTuber, and social media personality. SSSniperwolf has a $7 Million net worth as of 2022. Additionally, she has earned Gamer of the Year multiple times during her career.

She is also well-known for appearing in major online games like PUBG and Call of Duty with her own emote. She often found herself in hot water due to her involvement in adult movies, naked scandal, and clickbait.

SSSniperwolf Age

SSSniperwolf, who was born on October 22, 1992, will be 29 years old in 2022. She was born in Liverpool, England, and reared there in a stable Christian household. She belongs to the British-American nationality and practises Christianity as her faith.

At a Local High School in Liverpool, England, she finished her elementary education.

After that, she enrolled at a nearby private institution in Liverpool, England, where she eventually earned her degree. She has loved video games since she was a little girl and has always aspired to become a professional player. She made the decision at an early age to use her YouTube channel to display her gaming prowess.

Parents, siblings, and family of SSSniperwolf

Mr. Shelesh, a businessman by profession, is SSSniperwolf’s father, and Mrs. Shelesh, a homemaker, is her mother.

She also has three siblings; Paul and Bakir Shelesh are her younger brothers, while Ranya Shelesh is her younger sister.

Boyfriend & Relationships of SSSniperwolf

SSSniperwolf doesn’t currently have a spouse. Although she is now single, her ex-boyfriend was a YouTuber by the name of Evan John Young, commonly known as Evan Sausage. In 2015, the pair began dating. A year later, they made their split official and decided to be friends.

Physical Qualities

SSSniperwolf is a young, pretty female with a sizzling, wonderful appearance and a nice attitude. She has a thin, well proportioned figure that is sexy and curvy, with appealing body dimensions. Her approximate body dimensions are 35-24-36 inches.

She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 54 kg. She has stunning long, dark brown hair that is lustrous, and stunning, hypnotic eyes that are a stunning scorching brown hue.

The Career & Profession of Alia Shelesh

SSSniperWolf’s parents gave her a plat station, which sparked her passion in video games. She didn’t look back after that and quickly became an expert in practically all games. She plays video games quite well, which is clearly the result of a lot of practise. Her admirers like watching her live stream now that she is a well-known Twitch personality.

Account SSSniperWolf on Twitch

PUBG, Among Us, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Destiny, Happy Wheels, GTA, Rock Band 4, Far Cry Primal, Huniepop, and other games are among the ones SSSniper plays the most.

She has more than 330k followers as of this writing on Twitch. She cosplays as well by donning stunning attire. Misty is her favorite cosplayer. Well, she used to visit a Polyester store before getting into this.

The affection of SSSniperWolf for cosplay

She created the sexysexysniper channel at the beginning of 2011 to launch her YouTube career. She formerly shared brief gaming vlogs and articles on the games she played every day. Nevertheless, on January 19, 2013, she created a new account after deleting the old one two years earlier. Which has more than 31.7 million members and goes by the handle SSSniperWolf.

There are 31.7 million subscribers to SSSniperWolf.

She uploaded videos relating to gaming challenges, vlogs, comments, and TikTok videos up till 2017. She started posting regularly on her channel beginning in the year 2020. She reached the Trending Page, which contributed to her rapid rise to fame.

People can’t help but watch her videos because of how entertaining they are and how she interacts with her viewers. Millions of people have seen most of her videos. Let me tell you about her second channel, Little Lia, which she created in June 2014 and where she featured DIY projects, baking, hauls, challenges, and cosmetic tips.

Site: SSSniperWolf

Alia has achieved considerable reputation on other platforms because to her inventiveness. She began sharing “Trying Life Hacks” videos, which helped the channel become well-known on its own. She isn’t really active on it, however. She said in 2021 that she barely ever finds the time to create videos on this channel because of her hectic schedule on SSSniperWolf.

Summary of SSSniperwolf’s net worth

SSSniperwolf has a $7 million net worth as of 2022. Her main sources of income are her YouTube channels, various social media platforms, and several other commercial endeavors.

Information & Facts

Over 17.9 million people have subscribed to SSSniperwolf’s main YouTube channel since it launched in 2012.

She was ranked among the top gaming influencers in 2017 by Forbes magazine. She enjoys driving and currently owns a Chevrolet and a Mercedes.

11 SSSniperWolf Facts You Should Know One Alia Shelesh

  • She works out often to maintain her fitness.
  • On Instagram, this player has a phenomenal fan base of almost 5.4 million followers.
  • She said in her profile that she enjoys cooking and watching anime.
  • Alia enjoys gathering with her friends and family to observe various holidays.
  • Alia Shelesh enjoys often changing her appearance.
  • After getting into a confrontation in the lavatory, she allegedly transferred to another high school.
  • According to the reports, she is also an American citizen.
  • This internet celebrity has a large dog collection. Her pets are all Pomeranians, too.
    Like DigitalNex, Dang Matt Smith, Ricegum, Lilly Singh, and FaZe Rug, she is excellent
  • friends with other YouTubers.
  • SSSniperWolf enjoys travelling.

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