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A British YouTuber named Manny Brown posts FIFA gaming videos to his channel. Additionally, Manny Brown runs the “MannyPlaysHD” YouTube channel, where he publishes HD gaming content. He also plays football, and he posts videos of himself playing on his YouTube channel.

Manny Brown Age Young Adulthood and Childhood

On June 10, 1996, in London, England, Manny Brown was born. He is a 25-year-old Gemini with a Gemini birth sign. He is a citizen of Great Britain.

His parents’ names and other details are not currently known. Nevertheless, he has a sibling who goes by the name of Tobi Lerone. A well-known FIFA gamer, Tobi uploads videos to his YouTube account, “TBJZL,” and broadcasts his gameplay live on Twitch. In their different YouTube videos, the brothers have each highlighted one another.

The name of the institution and university that he has attended or is currently attending is unknown regarding his educational background and credentials. He must have completed high school and be enrolled in a university given his age. Unless he decides to stop taking classes or is a dropout.

Occupational Life

On July 12, 2013, Manny Brown launched his YouTube channel. The channel, which goes by the name of “Manny,” has amassed 260,938,232 views so far. On his YouTube account, he posts FIFA gameplay videos. My FIFA luck is the very first video he ever uploaded to his channel. The video was published on July 29, 2013, and as of right now, it has received 16K views. It was the gaming clips displaying the development of his squad.

He also recorded games in his second video, FIFA 13 UT My First Squad Builder Ft 92 Rated Player. After that, more FIFA gameplay videos soon appeared. After a while, he started to share videos of actual football games being played.

On August 13, 2015, he published a video with the title “PIEEE BOYY!!!” | PIE FACE FIFA WITH SIMON!!! The video became his first to reach a million views, and as of right now, it has 1.1 million. He and a friend worked together to create this film of a FIFA video game duel. The following month, in November of that same year, he published another video with the title CHIP CHALLENGE W/ SIMON AND TOBI!!! In the video, the football gamer was seen competing with his brother and a buddy in a real-world football battle. 4.9 million people have watched the video as of right now.

These kinds of gameplay footage were unquestionably must-watches for football fans everywhere. Additionally, he was greatly inspired by the supportive comments from his viewers and followers in those videos. He then kept posting more thrilling movies on his channel.

Information About Career

Likewise, with 12M views to date, the most watched video on his channel is GOALKEEPER CHALLENGE VS KSI!!! Other well-liked videos on his YouTube account include LIVING MY DREAM… | SIDEMEN FC VS YOUTUBE ALLSTARS, POKEMON PENALTY SHOOTOUT, VOLLEY CROSSBAR CHALLENGE, FREE KICK CHALLENGE!!!, and 1 VS 1 CHALLENGE. Millions of people have watched each of these films.

Additionally, he is the owner of the “MannyPlaysHD” YouTube channel. Since its creation on April 30, 2015, the channel has received 103,502 views. The channel was created to host videos of several HD games. It has a sizable subscriber base and is moderately well-liked.

This channel’s opening video is entitled MANNY PLAYS| THE EVIL WITHIN!!!| PART #1. The video was published on May 6, 2015, and as of right now, it has 25K views. He is now very inactive on this channel though. He last uploaded a video in June 2016 and hasn’t done so since. He is very active and well-known on other social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, he supports Liverpool FC.

Status of Relationships

Manny Brown might be available right now. He is less interested in being in a romantic relationship than he is in his profession. Or perhaps he wants to keep his love and personal life private and doesn’t want to discuss it in public or on any social media platforms.

Regarding his former connection, little is known about it. If he has ever been in a relationship, he has done a great job of keeping it quiet.

Body Dimensions

There are currently no available body dimensions, including height, weight, chest size, waist size, hip size, and any other sizes. These measurements are all currently being examined. In addition to being tall, he also possesses black hair and eyes.

Use of social media and wealth

On all of his social media platforms, Manny Brown is fairly active. On his primary YouTube channel, he has amassed 1.74 million subscribers. Additionally, his other channel has garnered 29.3K members despite the fact that he is not active on it. Additionally, he has amassed 711.5K followers on Twitter and 944K followers on Instagram.

When it comes to his profits and income, YouTube is his main source. He is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million by naiibuzz.

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