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Wiki/Bio ————-
Real Full Birth Name Demetrious Terry
Nickname Meechie
Profession College basketball player
Famous for 111K followers on instagram
Age (How old, as of 2022) 22 Years
Date of Birth October 16, 2000
Birthplace Not Known
Siblings Brian Simmons
Nationality American
Gender Male
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian) Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian/ African-american/ Latin American
Religion Christianity
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign) Unknown
Net Worth/ Salary Unknown

Meechie Terry Biography:-

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There are collegiate basketball players, and each has a distinct history. They could be renowned for having a distinctive appearance. However, they ultimately demonstrate their unmatched talent. They put forth a lot of effort and leave their stamp on the wood. Some have successful careers after making it to the NBA or other professional leagues. Others might attempt the professionals, but they eventually fizzle out and vanish into obscurity.

While Meechie Terry is still playing college basketball, it won’t be long before his play can flourish at the next level. He currently has several opportunity to play competitively and get the attention of professional scouts. Terry’s history could be interesting to hear. Despite going through some difficult moments, he discovered his interest in the game of basketball.

Meechie Terry’s talent alone wouldn’t make him unique, though. He also has a distinct appearance. And it has given him a moniker that he might have adopted over time. Despite the likelihood that he won’t shave his head any time soon, he is a player in basketball worth keeping an eye on. Meechie Terry, a current member of the Cleveland State Vikings, has several chances to take his squad to the Big Dance.

Meechie has a fierce demeanour and the skill to back it up on the court. And during the past few years, he has gained a few fans as a result. He carries himself in a way that has won him the admiration of coaches, players, and supporters worldwide, despite the taunts about his hairstyle. Will Meechie Terry become a fiercer competitor in the future? Though it’s conceivable, don’t rule him completely out. Or he’ll probably come up in front of you and start insulting you pretty soon.

Terry is perhaps most recognised for effectively competing against some of the nation’s top basketball players. Terry thinks he can play at the next level despite being in the middle of what might be a promising basketball career at the collegiate level. Regardless of whether you support his team or not, you should be keeping an eye on Meechie Terry’s career and life in college basketball.

Childhood and Career

On October 16, 2000, Demetrius Terry was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He discovered basketball to be one of his greatest abilities when he was young. He was a unique talent because of his approach and toughness. He did, however, have some hair on his head in addition to his distinctive “bald head” look. Comments on his social media pages, in his opinion, contributed to his willingness to play the game hard and fairly.

His age, his distinctive hairstyle, and other things are all questioned in these remarks. He picked up the moniker “Bald Head” due to his distinctive hairdo. He claims that his appearance won’t get the best of him, giving the impression that he accepts the moniker. What matters most to him is his approach of playing hard and locking up opponents.

Terry played football and soccer in addition to basketball while he was a student at St. Edwards. He was also very good in these sports. But in his first year in high school, he was being tackled while trying to dunk the ball during a basketball match. He was knocked off balance by the blow and collapsed, hitting his head so forcefully that he had a seizure. Terry claimed that this stopped him from participating in football. He claimed that if he ever took a blow that hard, he wouldn’t know if he was hit or what would happen next.

He also discusses his infamous fight with LaMelo Ball in a video interview with the YouTube channel “Overtime.” In one game, Terry attempted to steal while defending against Ball. Terry was assessed a foul. Ball appeared to play aggressively enough during the following possession to commit an offensive foul.

Terry was a member of the team that helped St. Edwards’ Eagles to the Ohio State Final Four during that season, which was also his last with the school. Terry played a crucial role in the team’s two-year run to the championship. They lost to Cincinnati’s Archbishop Moeller during Terry’s senior year. Terry received an emotional send-off after the game.

He participated in high school sports for St. Edward’s in Cleveland and DME Academy in Daytona Beach, Florida. Terry participated in the post graduate program’s 2019–2020 season when he was employed by DME. He finished with 174 points, 59 rebounds, 28 steals, and 73 assists. On the DME website, Terry’s bio states that he gives every game his all. He continues by mentioning how his wheelchair-bound father has served as his encouragement to play hard every day.

Terry was set to play for a prep school in Minnesota prior to his DME days. That didn’t happen, though, because the school didn’t have housing for him, so he wound up in a shelter for the homeless. But he was still able to work out at the gym before going back to the shelter. Terry was on his way to Florida after DME used the chance to recruit him rather than stay in Minnesota.

He had been considered by Division I basketball colleges ever since his time at DME. Cleveland State was one of them. Cleveland State had just finished a losing season at the time. They had a final record of 11–21. (including a 7-11 record in the Horizon League conference). Dennis Gates was the new coach of the basketball team. In the previous summer, Terry and Gates had been in touch. It wasn’t until after one of Terry’s games at DME that they really met. Terry was given the chance to advance his basketball career by travelling back to Cleveland after their encounter.

Meechie Terry quickly became a member of the Cleveland State Vikings, who had a strong recruiting class. Dru Joyce III was also a member of Gates’ coaching staff. LeBron James and Joyce III were teammates on St. Vincent St. Mary’s high school team. Cleveland State is being developed into a squad that might pose a danger to the big school programmes thanks to the Joyce name, which has a strong local connection (with Terry included in its plans). Terry’s St. Edwards coach, Eric Flannery, claimed that Gates was impressed by Meechie.

Flannery further stated that Terry’s challenging upbringing has only strengthened him. And that when it came to playing basketball, it was the source of his emotion and enthusiasm. Flannery claimed that Terry is devoted and passionate about Gates in every way. With such a player, it appears like Gates and the Cleveland State Vikings have won the lottery. Someone who might be ready to risk all on the field.

In 2020, Terry formally committed to playing for Cleveland State. He would major in communications. After seeing the Vikings play DePaul at a home game, he made his final decision to commit. Terry’s ambition came true owing to Gates and his eagerness to hire talented individuals. No of the level, that desire was to play basketball in Cleveland.

Terry had originally planned to declare his pledge in 2020, but he postponed it because of a number of circumstances, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the circumstances surrounding the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. Terry signed up as a substitute. Gates claimed that Terry hails from a region with a lot of basketball skill after the commitment. Terry is a fantastic athlete who will represent the team admirably both on and off the court, according to Gates.

Terry averaged 14 points per game on 49 percent shooting, according to high school scouting reports. He averaged two thefts per game as well. Terry scored 20 points or more in a game on four different times. Terry is one of the hardest players to suit up for the St. Edward High School Eagles, according to Flannery. He continued by saying that Terry is a perfect fit for Cleveland State because of his unwavering effort on the court.

Terry seemed to have developed quite a following even before he committed to Cleveland State. There are self-described “card-carrying” members of the Meechie Terry Fan Club, who claim to be fans of him because of his talent, his distinctive manner, or both.

One blogger for expressed his surprise that Terry did not receive more national attention than some of the other players, despite having a receding hairline and a beard that “Amish men would fawn over.” He added that Terry may be the player who is entertaining to watch because of his “don’t care” mentality.

When DME first started, several of the coaches didn’t know much about Terry until they saw his social media highlights. One of Terry’s coaches described him as a player who is direct and plays with a lot of intensity. Another coach chimed in, saying that Terry is best described by his ferocity and warlike approach to every game.

Kobe Bryant was one of Terry’s favourite athletes. He has a few pairs of sneakers made in the likeness of the legendary NBA player. He inscribes the numerals “8” and “24” on one of his performances as a tribute to Bryant. Some of Terry’s DME teammates claimed that he had a reputation for drawing large audiences to their games.

Despite his serious attitude and dedication to the game of basketball, they frequently describe him as a hilarious guy because of how he behaves off the court. On the floor, he often reserves his trash talking and no-nonsense demeanour. Terry claims that everyone, including his teammates, get along with him.

Terry’s abilities have been compared to those of some NBA stars by some of his colleagues and basketball enthusiasts. One name that comes up regularly is Patrick Beverley. Terry would be a huge asset to any college basketball programme that would take him on, the coaching staff at DME believes. For all we know, the Cleveland State Vikings are the fortunate recipients of such a superb talent with a focused, can-do attitude.

a Cleveland State player

Meechie Terry played in 21 games while wearing a Vikings uniform in his rookie season. He scored four points, one steal, and one rebound in his first game against Toledo. He played for ten minutes in total. He averaged three points and one assist per game to finish his year.

Two assists and one steal, which he accomplished twice, were among his season’s standouts. He did this twice, the first time against the Ohio University Bobcats and the second time against the Youngstown State Penguins almost three weeks later.

Against Purdue-Fort Wayne, he pulled down two rebounds. Terry was able to excel academically away from the court. He was listed on the Dean’s list both in the autumn and the spring semesters. Only time will tell how much playing time he will receive with his second season just around the corner.

Whose playing style may Meechie Terry most closely be compared to?

The one player who might be most comparable to Meechie Terry, in the opinion of his DME teammates, is Patrick Beverley of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Beverely and Terry are of the same size. It was once said of Beverley that he enters every match striving to be the finest defence on the planet. Terry radiated the same disposition. Both are terrifying on defence and have produced as a result.

Meechie Terry Relationships and Family

Meechie James Evans’ son Terry is. His mother’s name is unknown. He supposedly only has one sibling, Brian Simmons. Simmons, who lives close to Seattle, is a soldier in the American Army right now. Terry has given both of them credit for his basketball prowess. Simmons had helped Terry get out of Minnesota during his two-week struggle there, enabling him to move to Florida.

James Evans must use a wheelchair to go anywhere. Terry claims that he plays for his father in order to please him.

Mr. Meechie Terry Salary and Assets

There is currently no information available on Meechie Terry’s salary or net worth.

What year is Meechie Terry now enrolled in college?

Meechie Terry is a sophomore at Cleveland State University right now. He is a communications major.

Meechie Terry is a height of?

Meechie Terry is listed as being six feet tall.

The position that Meechie Terry plays is

Terry is a point guard, to be precise.

When did Meechie Terry start losing his hair?

Answer: Terry claimed in a recent Tweet that he began losing his hair at the age of 14. He claimed to have totally embraced it as a result. He also gave him the inspiration to create the “Bald Fam” movement. Additionally, he said that individuals should celebrate their uniqueness and never let anyone else stop them from being who they are.

Will Meechie Terry become a professional?

Despite the fact that Terry is a sophomore in college, it might be too soon to tell. It might take some time to decide whether Terry will be pro ready because he was a walk-on. In order to create a compelling enough case for an NBA team to choose and contract him, he might make the most of his four years at Cleveland State. He seems serious about raising his game to a new level, judging by his passion and attention.

Meechie Terry has a NIL agreement, right?

Terry doesn’t currently hold a NIL agreement, hence But now that the new rule appears to be in effect, Terry might feel that he has a decent chance to take advantage of it if he so chooses. NIL is a policy that prohibits the use of NCAA athletes’ likenesses or pictures. For instance, it will give consent to those who are allowed to use a student athlete’s picture and likeness while making video games and other items. The agreement probably includes compensation for athletes for this.

Meechie Terry has the ability to dunk.

Meechie Terry has demonstrated that he possesses the vertical ability to pull off dunks even at six feet tall.

Did Meechie Terry participate in any other sports while a student?

Meechie Terry participated in both football and soccer while he was a student at St. Edward’s. Later in his high school career, he concentrated only on basketball.

Relationship , Parents & Education:-

 Girlfriend Unknown
Husband/Spouse Name Not Yet
Perents Father :- Unknown

Mother:-  Not Known

Siblings Not Known
Education School:-  Not Known

College:-  Not Known

Quick Information

Eye Color Not Known
Hair Color Not Known
Height  Feet &  inch
Weight  kg
Instagram @meechie.terry

Some Lesser Known Facts About Meechie Terry:-

  • Does Meechie Terry Drink Alcohol: Yes
  • Does Meechie Terry smoke? :- Not Known

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