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Siddy Holloway Age: Wiki, Bio, Family, Height, Net Worth, Historian, Author, Actress, Presenter, Profession, Birthday, Nationality, Parents, Life Career, Education, Achievements, and Other Information: Siddy Holloway is both an actress and a history buff. She is very interested in London’s history and some of its long-forgotten stories. Read the article below to learn more about her and her work.

Siddy Holloway Age & Birthday

About 30 years old, Siddy Holloway is a young adult. It’s not known what year she was born, but she has a birthday on November 2. One of her old Instagram posts is the only way to guess how old she is. Her star sign is the fish. She was born in Iceland, but she hasn’t said anything about who her parents were. At age 20, she moved away from her home country and went to the UK to train as an actress.

In terms of her education, no one knows where she went to high school. We do know that she went to Rose Bruford College, though. She got a Bachelor of Arts in college, and when she was done, she got a grade of “first-class honours.” She speaks many languages and took a class at Menntaskolinn vid Hamrahlid on the Spanish language and literature. She speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Icelandic, and Danish.

Career of Siddy Holloway

Siddy Holloway is in charge of getting people involved at the London Transport Museum, where she works. In 2015, she became a lead guide and researcher at the Museum. She has done a lot of different things, like co-write the book “Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground.”

Siddy Holloway was part of a “Hidden London Exhibition” that won an award. But that’s not all she can do. She has worked for Soho Voices as a voice-over artist.

But the most important thing is that she is known as a historian. Siddy is back on screen, this time as a host. She has already been in three movies.

Siddy Holloway has been making “Secrets of the London Underground,” a new documentary series for TV. It will be shown on the Yesterday Channel.

Does Siddy Holloway Married? Husband Or Partner

Siddy Holloway might be married or she might not be. She hasn’t said who her husband or partner is.

But if we look at her Instagram, we can see that she is close to Will Udall.

Holloway worked with presenter Tim Dunn at the professional level. They worked on Secrets of the London Underground together.

We can’t find out anything about her love life, though.

Holloway has an Instagram account called @siddyholloway. Her profile has more than 8,000 people who follow it as of today.

Siddy Holloway Net Worth

It is estimated that Siddy Holloway has a net worth of $1 million.


  • She is about 30 years old and her birthday is November 2. No one knows what year she was born.
  • She went to college and got a Bachelor of Arts, and when she was done, she got a first-class honors grade.
  • She has done a lot of different things, like writing the book “Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground” with someone else.
  • She was part of a “Hidden London Exhibition” that won an award.
  • She has been making “Secrets of the London Underground,” a new documentary series for TV.
  • The Yesterday Channel is going to show the show.


1. What is the real name of Siddy Holloway?

Sigurbjorg Alma Ingolfsdottir is the name Siddy Holloway was born with.

How old is Siddy Holloway?

Siddy Holloway is currently 30 years old, but she will soon be 31.

What roles has Siddy Holloway played?

Siddy Holloway has been in movies like Regina (2021), Job Interview (2016), Close to the Sun (2019), and more.

What does Siddy Holloway do for a living?

Siddy Holloway works as a historian, writer, actress, and host, among other things.

5. Siddy Holloway is from where?

Iceland is where Siddy Holloway is from.

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