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Louise Latraverse is a Canadian actress who is known for writing La révolution française (1989), between sweet and saltwater (1967), and orderers (1974). She was born to be a leader and has more drive and determination than most people. She always wants to be in the spotlight and won’t take roles in the background.

Louise Latraverse Age & Birthday

Louise was born in Québec, Canada, on June 26, 1940. She is Guy Latraverse’s sister. Aside from that, nothing else is known about her family or where she grew up. She’s 80 years old now, so most of her family probably isn’t with her. She was born to act, and she began doing theater when she was very young. We don’t know anything about where she went to school or when she graduated.

Personal life

From 1972 to 1978, Louise was married to Emmett Grogan. Together, they had a son named Max. Emmett died on Coney Island after taking too much heroin, which gave him a heart attack that killed him. She is now single and probably living a happy life in retirement. There is an Instagram account in her name with one post about the breakfast table, 1860 followers, and 59 people who are following her. So, without checking, it’s hard to know if it’s her official account and if she’s in charge of it. She has a Twitter account where 28,3K people follow her and 3,319 people follow her. She tweets often, and as of right now, she has 22.7k tweets.

Height & Weight

Both her height and weight are about average. As soon as possible, all body sizes will be changed.

Her name is on an Instagram account with 1860 followers and 59 followers and a single post on the breakfast table. It’s hard to know if it’s her official account and she manages it herself without verification. Her Twitter account has 28.3K followers and a total of 28.3K followers. She tweets often, and 22.7k people follow her on Twitter.

Professional Career

Louise has been in a number of TV shows and movies. She has also performed live on stage (theatre). When it comes to TV appearances, she was on the sandy coast. Ti-Jean Caribou, rue de l’Anse, Ti-Jean Caribou, rue de l’Anse, Ti-Jean Caribou Jenesse wants to help out. Goodbye, 1970. Grand-papa, Chère Isabelle, Le fils du Ciel, Plural feminine, 1982 has come to an end. salt and pepper Avenue des Pins, 101 Avenue des Pins, 101 Avenue des Pins, 101 Avenue des Pins, 101 Avenue des Pin A summer full of jokes, I’m talking about The Comeback, The Heart That’s Been Exposed, The Assurance, The Guardians, with a capital A. Bad karma is just for fun. She was in movies like Between the Sea and the Freshwater, Dimensions, and Between the Sea and the Freshwater.

They are very important. You can’t kill the piastre, the weak man, or any other person. There are two actresses, Souleyad, When a man reaches his full height, First snow, at the source of a cry. She also put on plays on Galileo’s cloak, and the girls were as amazed as she was. In all, there are eight women. Madame Lise is happy to have you in her house. The sister-in-laws.

Louise Latraverse Net worth

As of 2021, Louise Latraverse has a net worth of $700,000. She did well as a writer and an actor. She also did theater back then, so it’s possible that acting was where she made most of her money. Aside from that, she works with a lot of brands and has a lot of promotions, so she has made a lot of money from that.


  • She was in movies like “Another Man,” “You Shall Not Kill,” “Love with a Capital A: Episode Love That Never Ends,” and many more.
  • Louise has also been in a number of TV shows, such as Pepper and Salt, The Return, The Sandcastle, The Sun of the Sky, etc.
  • She has won two Gemini awards as the best actress in a supporting role.
  • In her last interview, she said that she is single and old, so she would rather date young men than old ones.
  • Louise’s friend broke her hip and had surgery, which made her feel bad, so Louise took her place and started practicing for Belles Soeurs.
  • She is playing Olivine Leduc until her friend Janine is okay and can go back to her position.

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